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tie knots for formal occasions
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Bored with the same tie knots which you wear regularly to the office, college or school? Being fashionable and trendy is what everyone wants to be. But for formal occasions, this might be boring sometimes and frustrating too. But here you might have some creative and innovative ideas to play with your daily routine works also. So here I am to help you with this problem by providing you the most classy and stylish ways to wear tie knots for formal events.

A tie is very traditional and is meant for honor and nobility. This small fashion was originated in the 17th century in Europe. It has always been so classy to wear a tie and it makes you feel dominating.

Why wear tie knot for formal events?

  • Makes you feel sophisticated:

A tie is not just a piece of cloth, but it always makes you feel more confident and dominant. It is a sign of honor and respect and makes you feel sophisticated and neat.

  • Makes you feel more confident:

You feel standing out of the crowd because you might not find everyone wearing a tie. And makes you feel a bit good that you have professionalism in you and a concerned man about himself.

How to buy a tie for you?

There are lots and lots of ways to buy a tie. Because hell lot of types of ties are available in the market. If you’ll need to have a tie for formal events, seminars, official works, in pictures You should go for either Four in hand necktie, the seven-fold tie, being the best.

5 ways to wear tie knot for formal events:

The oriental tie knots:

simple tie knots for formal occasions
source: google

Also called a simple tie. This is a very famous tie knot these days because it is the easiest tie knot you can make from your tie. This least time consuming and is for those who are always short of time at office or work.

Steps to tie an Oriental tie knot for formal events:

  • Drape the necktie around your collar with the seam facing inward. The thick end should be on your left, two or three inches lower than your desired final position.
  • Take the thick end and bring it horizontally across the front of the narrow end, now pass it back horizontally behind the narrow end.
  • take the thick end again and pass across the front of the knot from left to right.
  • again take the thick end and repeat behind the knot horizontally from right to left.
  • Pass the thick end once again across the front of the knot from left to right.
  • Slip a finger under this third horizontal loop.
  • Bring the tip of the thick end up underneath the loop around your collar and feed it up behind the knot, down over the front of the knot and through that third horizontal loop.
  • Pull the thick end through the horizontal loop and snug it down.
  • Adjust the necktie by holding the knot in one hand and pulling gently on the narrow end with the other.

wohuu.. your tie knot is ready and you are all good to go.

Four in hand tie knots:

four in hand tie knots for formal occasions
source: google

It is also an easy way to make a tie knot and not much time-consuming. It is the normal tie knot which is quite common now. People who think that why to take time to make a tie knot, it is the perfect tie knot you should go for.

Generally, we wear this style and this is the most important tie which you should have and it is the most used tie ever and are suitable for all kinds of formal occasions. For being professional, you must have a good pair of ties which you can wear accordingly.

Steps to tie a Four in hand tie knot for formal events:

  1. loop the tie around your neck so the thick end hangs to the left {should be 3 or 4 inches lower than the thin end}
  2. Take the thick end and cross it over the thin end to form an ‘X’ shape.
  3. Have the thick end and wind it around and behind the thin end. {The thick end should now be inside out}.
  4. Bring the thick end around and across the front of the knot from left to right.
  5. Hold the thin end with one hand, pull the thick end upwards through the neck loop.
  6. Feed the thick end down through the tie knot.
  7. Pull-on the thick end to achieve your desired knot size.

The bow tie knots:

bow tie knots for formal occasions
source: google

The best for every occasion either it is the formal, semi-formal event or a party is the bow tie. this style is well adapted by various actors specially in the award functions. this is the simple version of classy.

Steps to wear the bow tie knot for formal events:

  1. Start with the bow tie draped around your neck with the seams facing down and the right side longer than the left.
  2. Place the right end over the left end, making an X-shape just below the chin.
  3. Loop the longer end behind the ‘X’ to create a simple knot similar to the first knot while tying shoelaces. Pull tight and leave the longer end resting on your shoulder.
  4. Placing your index finger on the widest part of the curve of the shorter end, fold it to create a bow shape. Place the folded tip across your collar with the shorter end as close to your neck as possible.
  5. Holding the bow created above with the forefinger and thumb of your left hand, bring the longer end straight down over the shorter end in the middle of the bow.
  6. Using your right hand, fold the longer end back towards the chest, pinch the fold and double the tip over to make a wing.
  7. Tuck the folded tip of the longer end behind the folded tip of the shorter end and through the small loop, you formed when you first passed it up behind the knot.
  8. With the wings in place, tug the loops behind them to tighten the vertical front knot.
  9. Hold the front of the knot down with one finger, and wriggle the wings until they’re symmetrical.
  10. Make final adjustments. Ensure your bow tie lies flat and horizontal against your collarbone. You’re done! Now you know how to tie a tie AND how to tie a bow tie.

The Half-Windsor tie knots:

the half windsor tie knots for formal occasions
source: google

This is the type of tie knot I personally used to wear. This actually has a name that doesn’t resemble its style. Mainly used for thick fabric ties. It is bigger than pratt- knot and four in hand knot and smaller than Windsor knot.

Steps to wear the Half Windsor Tie knot for formal events:

  1. First of all, you have two ends of your tie. One is the thicker end and the other is the thinner end.
  2. Place the thicker end on the thinner one, keep the thicker end a bit longer than your thinner end so that it falls on your fly of the pant.
  3. Now, bring the thicker end to the front from the backside of the tie, like shown.
  4. Insert the thicker end into the front of the knotting place.
  5. Now wrap the knotting place with thicker end and insert it in the back of the knot and pull from the front.
  6. Now insert the same thicker end in the wrap made in the previous step and pull it down and do the finishing.

St. Andrew tie Knot:

st. andrews tie knot for formal occasions
source: google

The St Andrews Knot is a very convenient knot with a little bulk to it. this s the other name for smart and comfortable.

Steps to wear St. Andrew tie Knot for formal events :

  1. Drape the necktie around your collar with the seam facing out and the thick end on your left, two to three inches lower than the desired finishing position.
  2. Cross the thick end horizontally beneath the thin end, making an X-shape under your chin.
  3. Bring the thick end horizontally across the front of the thin end.
  4. Continue looping the thick end around the thin end, passing it horizontally behind the back of the thin end from left to right.
  5. Flip the thick end vertically up and over the front of the knot, then tuck it back down behind the knot.
  6. Bring the thick end out and to the left of the thick end.
  7. Bring the thick end across the front of the knot from left to right. This will form a horizontal band. Slip a finger through it.
  8. Finally, bring the thick end up behind the knot and tuck it through the horizontal loop you made in the previous step.
  9. Pull the thick end all the way through and tighten the knot by grasping it with one hand and pulling carefully on the thick end with the other.

so all the guys go and rock your formal world and be the change.


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