Want to IMPRESS GIRLS? The top 5 quick tips to BE CONFIDENT

how to impress girls

Want to IMPRESS GIRLS? The top 5 quick tips to BE CONFIDENT

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So, hello very beautiful world out there. Here I’m back with another topic that how to influence girls and be confident. It should be a topic to be considered right? So here are some HANDPICKED and very precisely selected tips for you to be confident enough to make place in a girl’s heart.

so let us talk about some facts now that how a girl is impressed by confidence of a person.

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How being confident can influence a girl?

So if we talk about what a girl likes in a boy the most, so it totally depends on the girl. Although there are some things which a girl finds very attractive is YOUR CONFIDENCE.

It is true that there are hell lots of points out there which impresses a girl, but believe me confidence is a master key to open hearts of most of the girls out there.

Being confident is a sign of an Alpha Male and this will help yo to improve your overall look and make it cherish to your good qualities as well. A good women always finds a person who is having some features of Alpha, and with whom she feels comfortable and secured. This is not it, but you will also feel more happy and joyful, when you’ll get compliments from outside and will enjoy your whole day.

so now let us start with the tip number 1


A person who is presentable, always feel more confident than those who aren’t. This a very important factor of being impressive to girls. As what will girls think about you will totally depend how presentable you are. Presentable means that how well you are dressed, how good dressing sense you have, how your body language is, etc.

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You might have seen often that the modals for product advertising, are dressed well so that it makes them more presentable. Also when they dress well and they know it, they just have an another way of confidence in them. Just like this, we are also like modals who advertise our qualities to find a perfect match for ourselves. And its nothing wrong in this.


Now this is also a factor which a girl notices in you while you are in front of her. She actually notices how you treat people around you.If she is interested in you, this actually makes a thought in her mind that how will you treat her if she gets in a relationship with you. And you will definitely not want her to get a negative impression of yourself in her mind.

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It doesn’t matter how good looking you are and how rich or wealthy you are ,if you don’t respect people around you, she will never like you from her heart. Also just not in front of a girl, or anyone else, just always respect everyone around you. This will make you receive more love and respect in return,( give respect take respect) and makes you feel more confident.


Well if I talk about most of the boys, they think that a good body means a good and hot lady in your arms. But my bros, this is not the truth. Most of the girls like fit men. They don’t actually need men with bulky arms and a broad chest. You should be naturally fit and healthy to be confident. At least you should exercise a bit regularly to make yourself fitter, and it gives women a thought that this man is serious for himself and will be for her too.

If you want to know how to stay fit and active checkout the post here.

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Now if you are here to learn that how to impress girls with your confidence, then you should know a thing that a girl can catch you in seconds if you have any wrong intention for her. Just have clean thoughts and make her believe that you are show through your body language that you are keeping everything in front of the girl and not hiding something.

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Before approaching a girl, you should be aware of a fact that just be friendly to the girl and be patient. If you’ll be having any kind of wrong intention, you will automatically feel less confident and your body language will be showing the problem. So get a clean thought about girl in your mind.


We like the people who have good sense of humor right? Yes we do. We feel more connected to those who make us laugh and we also listen to them carefully. They automatically get attention in front of public. So you should be a person who is having at least good talking sense and knows how to crack good jokes(here i strictly mean good jokes ). You should not be joking like nobody finds it funny. If you don’t know how to crack good jokes, at least ,make her influenced by your talks. And remember don’t try to butter her. She will catch you in seconds. and may find you wrong.

man and women enjoying at beach. laughing

Also you should have faith in you. Whatever you are speaking, just feel confident and polite at the same time. don’t try to mess with your conversation and with people who are arguing to you. Don’t try to be a fighter in front of girls. Just be confident and well dressed.

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One more thing is there that you should have a good posture while sitting, walking, and doing anything. You should keep yourself clean so that it doesn’t make her feel that you don’t care yourself. Give attention to youself before yopu proceed to a girl. AND CHILL DUDE.

So here are some tips you can work on to make influence on girls positively by your confidence.

for any doubts , or any feedback, comment below and feel free to share your stories how you approach a girl and she just made a yesss!!!

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