list of top 10 Powerful ART CAREERS IN INDIA that could be converted into Professions | Have a look

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list of top 10 Powerful ART CAREERS IN INDIA that could be converted into Professions | Have a look

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Those crayon lines on the walls of a house by a little child, shapes of the clouds, musical rhythm of movement of leaves, sweet song of bulbul are itself an outstanding piece of art. Are you also an aspiring artist, writer, musician, an actor or a parent of any? Are you still struggling with the dilemma of pursuing art careers in India as a full-time job or keeping it just as a part-time hobby or supporting them to do so?

Should you go for a typical 9 to 5 job, as being opted by almost everyone all around the world?

Sitting in your room, having a lot of questions related to your higher studies or career? Many of us are full of creative thoughts but expressing it through art, is the strength of very few.

Obviously, to choose a career wisely is a massive responsibility. Since in the end, we have to spend the rest of our life with that option. Because these two are completely different things: doing something for passion and doing it for the livelihood.

But before finding the answer to this question, let’s just ask a few other questions to oneself:

Is my work unique as well as creative?

Furthermore, am I able to overpower all the negative critics for this job option?

Also, are you disciplined enough to be able to be your own boss? Because pursuing something just for time pass is different from doing that to have money or as a full-time career.

If your answer is yes, then you should preferably pursue your passionate art as a career.

There was a time when very few creative people got the chance to be successful in their respective fields. But now, in the 21st century, there are a lot of platforms or opportunities for showing talent.

And, social media like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, any many websites provide great help to showcase talent worldwide. They are giving a platform to pursue art careers in India as a full-time job to rely on. Also, Social media gives an easy assess to the viewers and collectors without going to any art gallery, museum, or any kind of theater.

Some of the art careers in India related to your passion to make your art a profession are:

  • Studio arts
  • Visual arts
  • Animation and effects
  • Fashion and apparel
  • Music and performing arts
  • Media and creative writing
  • Photography
  • Product and interior designing

The specified forms of the above-mentioned categories are:

Art Careers in India: Sketching art

 Art Careers in India: sketching

Sketching artists requires to have the ability to portray people, places, or objects. They possess a proper knowledge of contrast, shadows, and light, so as to draw a 3 dimensional or a realistic facial image.

Employment areas-

The sketch artists are very valuable and find employment in a number of fields. They find jobs whether it is the legal system or for entertainment purposes. The newspapers and the medical industry also employees them.

Most importantly, for solving the criminal cases, by portraiting the picture of the suspect ( criminals) as described by the eye witness. They have their importance in courtrooms to draw scenes of courtrooms during the trial proceedings.

Art Careers in India: Crafting Art

 Art Careers in India: crafting

One of the other person during the vacation break has done crafting. Crafting is actually an artwork that includes the placing or assembly of the handmade (most of the time) items in a way that converts the beauty of an object. Crafting makes things look more attractive and at the same time useful.

A crafter, most of the time, uses handmade or raw and natural items in his craftwork. For this purpose, he may use a number of materials including paper, wood, waste material, etc.

Employment areas-

This includes the furniture industry, handlooms industries{coustomised blanket, clothing or handbags (sewn or woven), highly demanded in this industry}.

Most importantly, a huge area of employment resides in handmade gifts making. The handmade or handcrafted goods include scrapbooks, explosion box, cards. These gifts are highly in demand these days than expensive gifts. Making stuff like soaps also requires craftsmen.

Art Careers in India: Painting

 Art Careers in India: Painting

Painting artists are being applauded from the old times for their piece of artwork. The painters all over the world we’re called to make paintings of the kings or belongings, nature, illustration of a scene, etc. Because of modernization, the interest of people towards the painting has grown at a higher rate. There are various mediums in which painting can be made. These are – oil colors, acrylic colors, watercolors, poster colors, etc.

Employment areas

The painting artist is able to perform their artwork on the walls of the cafes, studios, or a hotel. Many people found their interest in collecting paintings from different artists. A popular artist can sell his artwork for thousands of rupees and even in lakhs.

Art Careers in India: Wood Working Art

art Careers in India: Wood Working Art

As the name suggests itself, a woodworker deals with the oldest raw material known to us: wood. A woodworker should have the art of handling wood and making useful stuff out of it and for this, he should be expertise in veneering, laminating, machinery operations, safety, milling, proper cutting, boring and finishing sanding.

Employment areas-

Wood is used everywhere. In the doors through which we enter, chairs, on which we sit, windows, cupboards and almost everywhere. If talking particularly in fine arts, the wood is the main working area for wood sculptures. Small scale and large scale commercial and industrial products can be sold at good rates.

Art Careers in India: Mural art

Art Careers in India: Mural art

Isn’t it the dream of every artist to show his artwork and talent on a large canvas? A muralist actually does so. He uses walls on side of the road, big buildings as a canvas to showcase the talent and paints on them. He must possess a great knowledge of proportions and measurements which eventually affects the work to a greater extent. Spray paints, oil paints, acrylics, etc.

Employment areas-

Muralists found employment in almost everywhere. As they make the city look beautiful and attractive, they are hired by the cooperations and even offered a huge amount.

Art Careers in India: Tattoo making

Art Careers in India: Tattoo making

The tattoo artist is a highly skilled fine artist who makes customized designs on the skin of the clients to make it attractive. Making tattoos is an ancient practice of Africans having religious or victorious symbols. It is among the oldest art forms known by far to man. With the modernization, it has changed its importance.

It involves making permanent images, quotes or words. It needs high precision. For the purpose of keeping the tattoo permanent, the ink is to be injected below the skin.

Employment areas-

Tattoo making is an ancient practice of Africans having religious or victorious symbols. With the modernization, it has changed its importance. Because of modernization, Every third person in this world has a craze of having at least one tattoo on their skin. This itself shows the huge employment. At first, tea steaming up with an existing tattoo studio will help in gaining experience. After that, you can start your own studio.

Art Careers in India: Graphic designing

Art Careers in India: Graphic designing

A graphic designer uses all symbolic, literal and technical means to covey a targeted message to a client artistically. A work of the graphic designer is to present ideas using visual and textual content. He uses images, photos, shapes, words, and graphics. The result can in either virtually (online) or can be physical (print).

Employment areas-

A graphic designer must possess great artistic talent and command over technology and it’s his job to select from a wide range of fonts and designs.

Graphic design is an essential part of any marketing effort. He finds a job in almost every sector. They are majorly employed for making logos for companies and designing of the official pages.

Art Careers in India: Print designing

Art Careers in India: Print designing

Print designing is very closely related to graphic designing or conventionally, a subcategory of it. The job of a print designer is to transform the key element if the project (subject) and its related communication into a proper printing format.

Employment areas-

He must be trained in many aspects and should possess a piece of good knowledge of font types, sizes, colors, an arrangement of lines, spacing, the addition of graphics, designing layouts, etc. All these aspects lead to a successful transformation.

Print designers found an immense job opportunity in the industrial field, for the purpose of marketing. Especially in the agencies where they have an office and is accessible to computers, software, and other e-tools.

Art Careers in India: Storyboard art

art Careers in India: Storyboard art

A storyboard artist uses scripts to create pictures of every scene which is to be filmed. This includes types of camera angles to capture each scene at its best. The result looks like a comic book or a comic script.

Employment areas-

A storyboard artist works very closely with film directors and other professional artists involved in film making and advertisement industry. A person with a strong background in illustration and film making can work as a freelancer artist from own home or professional studios.

Art Careers in India: Musical art

Art Careers in India: Musical art

This is again a wide field to discuss.

Particularly in Bollywood who would be the one who doesn’t know who Arijit Singh is? Music is a kind of relaxation to the soul, every other person can connect to music, although they can be a bathroom singer. To be a good musician, a person should know music theories as well as its history or simply he should know how to sing well.

Employment areas-

Music, its word has its own feel. A piece of good knowledge of music can count for being an audio engineer, orchestral musician, recording engineer, music therapist, music producer. Moreover, a new music producer can earn up to $3500 and a well-established one can earn $10000- $15000. But one should be in love with that.

choose any of the above-mentioned art careers to pursue it for a successful profession if you find interest in any. all the best for your future.


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