No.1 Thrilling “MTV ROADIES REVOLUTION” Reality show is BACK

No.1 Thrilling “MTV ROADIES REVOLUTION” Reality show is BACK

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Woohoo… The all New one of the favorite shows of Indian youth, the most fascinating MTV Roadies is back. This time season will be more extreme and challenges will be breathtaking. The show is coming by the name “MTV ROADIES REVOLUTION”. The auditions have started now and people are very much excited about this season. This is the 18th season of MTV roadies.

And the audience hopes this time it will come up with a bang and Also extreme than the previous season. Well, I am also a great fan of this show which makes MenzzBeingGentle write an article about this show.

About MTV roadies


MTV Roadies is a youth-based reality show which was firstly launched in 2003. In the show, contestants travel to different places and take part in various tasks that challenge their inner strengths (physical and mental). During the journey of the show, there is vote out and vote ins, which brings lots of twists in the journey.

Contestants struggle to stay in the show and show their feelings among each and everyone present there. Which makes it a thrilling and game-changing show. Participants have to survive till the end of all the tasks they have to perform, uses his brain and the one who completes all the challenges is chosen as the winner.

Winners till now in MTV ROADIES:


MTV Roadies has been a craze among people for the last 17 years and the craze is still increasing. Among lakhs people, only few get the chance to be a part of this thrilling reality show. Its a dream for a lot of people to win the show, but just one can be the winner.

Either it is Ranvijay Singh [ season 1 winner] or Prince Narula [season 12 winner], this show has provided stardom to all. Not only this, AYUSHMANN KHURRANA [season 2 winner] who do not need an introduction for the Indian audience has also started his career from the same show.

list of all the MTV ROADIES SEASON Winners is :

2003 MTV ROADIES SEASON 1 Rannvijay Singh
2004 MTV ROADIES SEASON 2 Ayushmann Khurrana
2005 MTV ROADIES SEASON 3 Parul Shahi
2006 MTV ROADIES SEASON 4 Anthony Yeh
2007 MTV ROADIES SEASON 5 Ashutosh Kaushik
2008 MTV ROADIES SEASON 6 Nauman Sait
2010 MTV ROADIES SEASON 7 Anwar Syed
2011 MTV ROADIES SEASON 8 Aanchal Khurana
2012 MTV ROADIES SEASON 9 Vikas Khoker
2013 MTV ROADIES SEASON 10 Palak Johal
2014 MTV ROADIES SEASON 11 Nikhil Sachdeva
2015 MTV ROADIES X2 Prince Narula
2016 MTV ROADIES X4 Balraj Singh
2017 MTV ROADIES RISING Shweta Mehta
2018 MTV ROADIES XTREME Kashish Thakur Pundir


  • Starting on 15th February 2020
  • Timings 7 pm onwards
  • Watch it online on Voot
  • You can watch it on television on MTV India

Why MTV ROADIES REVOLUTION is so important?

MTV roadies logo
  • MTV Roadies has made careers of many Bollywood as well as other celebrities.
  • This show can make you popular overnight.
  • It is one of the longest-running television reality show in India.

MTV roadies Revolution judges or Gang leaders:

  1. Ranvijay Singh ( Main Leader cum host)
  2. Prince Narula
  3. Raftaar
  4. Neha Dhupia
  5. Nikhil Chinapa
  6. Sandeep Singh

About MTV Roadies Auditions

MTV ROADIES Registration is over from the 3rd of January 2020.

This is MTV roadies official website.

Check out the all-new anthem on MTV Roadies Revolution:


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