The Half Windsor tie 2020: How and when to wear the best possible tips.

half windsor tie

The Half Windsor tie 2020: How and when to wear the best possible tips.

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Hello, awesome people out there. This is menzzbeinggentle back with another Topic In for you people and helps you out with how to wear and when to wear The half Windsor tie. This one of the most popular tie knots and is very often used by many people.

We often look for awesome tie shapes that suit us the most. If you are one of them then this article is for you. We actually care about our dressings and every single thing which is added to our look. Whether it is a shoelace, cufflink or a tie knot.

And this is what actually makes us stand out of the crowd and attracts everyone’s attention. So keeping this thing in mind we shall proceed towards today’s topic that is The Half Windsor tie.

Why This type of tie?

Well, you guys might be wondering why half Windsor tie is today’s topic? What’s so special in this tie and why is this so popular? So here are some reasons why this is the most preferred and liked tie.

Small size knot :

Being a guy who is quite concerned about his dressing, It seems very important to me to have everything in the perfect size. It has a perfect sized knot and suits the best with all kinds of body types.

Slimmer feeling than rest ties:

This tie is not only a good decorator to your collar but also feels and sleek to your neck. And moreover, it has the perfect length of all ties available. This gives your collar a gentlemen look and makes your collar look sophisticated.

Recommended by CELEBRITIES:

Well, you won’t believe but it’s been recommended by many people around the world.

Founder of Johnny Tuxedo, Austen Pickles says” It says you are confident but modest”.

and you can see the pictures of famous celebrities wearing Half Windsor tie. So here you go….

The Half Windsor tie 2020

So here, we have Idris Elba The villain in Fast and furious- Hobbs and Shaw.

HOOOOO he’s so cruel in the movie.. I guess you remember him if you have watched the movie..

Tom Hardy in half windsor

Here we have Tom Hardy in half Windsor tie. He looks so damn good right??

The Half Windsor tie 2020

Robert Downey Jr. is famously known as Tony Stark you know him right??

yes, you got that right, The Iron Man.. is in half Windsor tie knot.

How to wear half Windsor tie:

Now as we have seen how popular this type of tie is. So now this becomes very essential that I make you learn how to wear this type of tie knot. So without getting any further, let us learn how to do this:

  1. First of all, you have two ends of your tie. One is the thicker end and the other is the thinner end.
  2. Place the thicker end on the thinner one, keep the thicker end a bit longer than your thinner end so that it falls on your fly of the pant.
  3. Now, bring the thicker end to the front from the backside of the tie, like shown.
  4. Insert the thicker end into the front of the knotting place.
  5. Now wrap the knotting place with thicker end and insert it in the back of the knot and pull from the front.
  6. Now insert the same thicker end in the wrap made in the previous step and pull it down and do the finishing.

And whoosh………. you are done. just you need a bit practice and you will be done.

The Half Windsor tie 2020
source: www.tie a

And here in case you are not still clear with how to do this tie knot, you can refer to the video.


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