5 Solid reasons for going to the gym Regularly in 2020[updated]

5 Solid reasons for going to the gym Regularly in 2020[updated]

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Going to the gym regularly has always been a challenge for us and most of the people around us. It actually takes so much effort for a person who is quite lazy and inactive. Now the question is how you can prepare yourself to perform regular GYM WORKOUT ROUTINES and stick on the schedule for better results. So here are 5 Solid reasons for going to the gym Regularly stick to a regular gym diet.

I also have been suffering from the same problems when I used to go to gym exercises initially. I used to be going for only one or two weeks and then procrastinate for the next few days. And feel very low for not being able to continue the gym and used to feel useless. And used to find reasons for going to the gym.

But after that, I researched this a lot, found out how to overcome my laziness, be regular and find reasons for going to the gym further.

Reasons for going to the gym regularly.

I have personally applied these tricks and then sharing with you guys. So let us now start with the first topic:

1. How to stop procrastination?

MAKE A COMMITMENT TO YOU: Just think of yourself first. why you came into this world? Just to procrastinate? Did God give you this body for laziness? to overcome laziness read this article. Some people can’t even think of going to the gym.

As they are not capable, either they are physically disabled or are not financially well to afford a gym. so we must think once and thank God for our well being and thank God for enabling us to afford a gym.

We must have gratitude towards our body. This body is the only evidence of the existence of every animal in this universe. so work well on it and find reasons for going to the gym.

man thinking to climb rope (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )


You need to find a competition if are thinking of a trick to be regular at the gym. I personally used to find someone whom I can beat but with little effort.

He or she can be your neighbor of your batch mate or office colleague. don’t make serious intention to beat someone, but you can just make your mind think that you have something to do instead of lying on the bed and dreaming.

Just take it as a trick to direct your brain and no other intention. Some of you might find this trick kinda weird but if I tell you personally, It gave me some unbelievable outputs. So I just want you to have a proper and regular exercising plan.

You can choose a person who is probably of your age and is quite regular to the gym and is your competition. Don’t have any intentions of beating him in the target personally. Be happy and let others be. You are just to find reasons for going to the gym.


 (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )

Make sure you have a partner or a friend to go to the gym with you. Now this a very effective technique to apply and it gives almost 100% results if you apply this trick as told below.

And if that partner is of the opposite gender, this makes it much more entrusting and you get to know each other well and can be good friends further.

You can wake up each other making calls and remind each other to be on time. This will not only make your friendship strong but also build each other’s trust.

I used to do the same and I got results 100% and now I am regular to the gym and enjoy my whole day very actively and happily. The same I want to give to my readers so I am writing this article. So, a better partner will be one of the best reasons for going to the gym. ..Right boys???

10lb barbell at gym (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )


This method will make your regular gym exercise much more just than an exercise. Your brain just loves rewards after you give a very extensive workout to your body.

Now this reward can be anything you like. For example, going to weekends with your friends after a one-week regular gym workout. Or it can be a movie after every week of regular workout.

Your mind finds it interesting when you are rewarding yourself for every achievement and your mind triggers repeatedly for doing the same.

Also when you go to gym, give compliments to your body by seeing visible growth but talk only yourself regarding that. Otherwise, people will think you as a person who compliments to himself by his own mouth.

man standing in front of mirror at gym (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )
regular gym exercises


Last but not the least, one of the best reasons for going to the gym and a very effective tip for you to stay motivated for the gym- when you get up in the morning, imagine yourself with all those big biceps and a big and fit body after you have completed at least 6 months of a regular gym.

I know 6 months are not enough for such a good body but you’ll be very close to that if you follow these tips for at least 6 months.

Think yourself as a better man and imagine having compliments from your loved ones and your friends.

This will not only give you the push to go the regular gym but also you’ll find reasons for going to the gym.

You will feel quite curious about how your body will be transformed. Each day you perform a workout, just think you are one day closer to your success in achieving a good physique.


Diet is one of the biggest reasons for going to the gym and also a very crucial part of your bodybuilding. What you put in your body, is equally important than lifting heavy dumbells. So, here is the food intake you should be focusing on.

 (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )

Increase the intake of iron in your diet. It not only strengthens your body but also helps you to stay energetic and helps you to make your all work done with more energy and also maintains your immune system.

Moreover, it helps in regulating body temperature and also helps in faster production of hemoglobin in the body.

 (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )

Now here are some interesting facts about magnesium which is very important for you to take on your daily basis in your food.

Magnesium does not only help to overcome our fatigue and anxiety but it is also helpful for your body in many other ways, for example, it is helpful for our bone growth and muscle growth.

Also, it is helpful for our heart health. It helps to absorb more calcium from the food we take and thus provides us long-lasting energy for our daily work.

We can increase the intake of some food which is listed below to provide the proper amount of magnesium to our body.

  1. Fish
  2. Eggs
  3. Avocado
  4. Nuts
  5. Legumes
  6. Whole grain
  7. Oats

If you are going to the gym at the very beginning you might be very excited and very curious to do exercises. And do over-exercising on the very first day. But remember you’ll have to avoid this thing.

  • One of the biggest reasons for people avoiding gym is they are just putting all the exercises on their shoulders and then procrastinate when finding it difficult.
  • Start from beginner level and slowly make progress. Give yourself some time and wait for the result with full patients.


SO now let us start with the main topic i.e; the Best regular gym workout routines for beginners.

Remember you are not so professional yet so remember not to perform very bulky exercises in the beginning. This can not only get you serious injury but can also cramp your muscles up and can also hospitalize you in the worst-case situation.

So be a person who is just concerned about his physic and not bothered about just his Ego. Never ever start a gym just to show your ego and be nice to everyone at the gym as I said never try to compete with anyone. Just be the best in your field.

so the exercises for the best results for beginners are:

 (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )


 (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )


 (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )


 (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )


 (Reasons for going to the gym regularly )

So these were some of the exercises you can perform while in gym and these are for beginners. So now be prepared for being a bulky, muscular guy and people will notice your muscles and especially girls. feels exciting right? so work for it, man. Have a good day.

So, guys, This was all about 5 Solid reasons for going to the gym Regularly in 2020. I hope you will not find the reasons for going to the gym now. If you found this article useful, do share it with your other fitness freak friends.

For any suggestions and query kindly comment below. and make sure you have subscribed to this page.


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