10 phenomenal ways to make money during lockdown from home (Proven ways)

How to make money during lockdown

10 phenomenal ways to make money during lockdown from home (Proven ways)

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Lockdown is here and we are strictly advised to stay at home. This is a time that no one even imagined will happen in our lives. And everything will be jammed like this. This means life is not in the human’s hand even today.

For some of us, it may be the dream life as people wanted to like every day should be a Sunday. But do you know this time can be the best time when we can change the pace of our lives? Many of us, are seeing this as a golden opportunity and are finding ways to make money during lockdown online.

Is it the best opportunity to make money?? Or How can we invest this time in making good money?? What are the possibilities?? Are you also searching for answers to these questions?? Then here is exactly where you should be…

Why lockdown is the best time?

how to make money during lockdown

If I tell you, that the time when you can make money during lockdown most than any other chance, then?? And what if you also start making some extra money online while you come out of the quarantine period??

There are 10 phenomenal ways to make money during the lockdown in India in this article which you will find very useful.

Problem is the Motivation

The Internet is a very big thing. It is bigger than we can ever imagine. Digital media, Digital Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing is very vast and has so much power in it that it can change your life.

And especially it is a very challenging time when all Indians are supposed to sit at home and wait for things to get normal. Most of the people are not earning anything during this time.

And workers are even not getting food to eat. This is a very bad situation and we all can come out through this. and this can be one of the biggest motivation for us to be successful in life so as to take our society out of money drought.

No more”Time Nahi Milta Yaar..”

We all here this.. when we have a busy schedule and someone says to try to earn online. Some people say..”Time Nahi Milta Yaar..” But you can’t say this anymore. So, this is the best time when you actually have a lot of time to try different types of things.

in order to make money during lockdown, One thing we have to learn that results will not come until we will grab the opportunity and explore it as much as we can.

So, here we begin with the list of “10 phenomenal ways to make money during the lockdown in India”.

1. Start your own Blog

how to make money during lockdown

its time for the internet industry to grow. and finding something called “blogging” can really be one of the great options to make money during the lockdown in India. Starting your own blog can be really fun and interesting if you are doing it with your passion. Now from where does, that passion comes?

Well, if you are working on a niche (Category) in which you are really interested too, then passion comes automatically. Blogging is a thing, in which you’ll have to invest at least a year or two to check if you can do it or not. And that’s where most of the people quit learning this extra amazing skill.

Blogging can be a full-fleshed career especially in India and can free you from financial troubles and traps and why not give this a chance to make money during lockdown when we are doing nothing but just bored?

2. Be an Amazon Affiliate Partner

how to make money during lockdown

“Hey!! Amazon is an e-commerce website… make money during lockdown with amazon?? It takes out money from our pocket… how can one make money through it??”

Some of you might be thinking like this. But there is a huge secret behind amazon’s success, well, it is not a secret anymore now.

Amazon affiliate program is a program by amazon that allows website owners, YouTubers, social media influencers to make money through amazon by just recommending amazon’s products.

So, if you choose the first point to make money, this can be the cherry on the cake. You can make money through both of the things simultaneously.

3. Create a Youtube channel

how to make money during lockdown

The world is moving towards video content nowadays and people bloggers are also making video content to advertise their brands and create their market value.

So, If you are also one of them, who wants to make a successful youtube channel in 2020 and make money during lockdown through your videos, this is one of the best things you can try on.

Making videos can be fun and interesting if you are making it according to your passion. But being consistent with videos, now that’s something challenging.

But being consistent is the key, initially, just like a blog, you might get no views or no engagement on your content. But later on, if you keep improving and do hard work, this can be life-changing.

4. Start an online course

how to make money during lockdown

Starting a course online comes in the first step if you are a beginner to make money online and believe me it can be really fun nowadays and help you to make money during lockdown seeming to be a much easy task.

You don’t have to travel for a classroom session and study in an uncomfortable room. Also, it will not be like a boring classroom lecture and you are sleeping at the backbench.

You can actually enjoy your study because everything comes on your mobile phone or laptop. Just like you watch other TV shows and other web series and like you always wanted to be it like.

It is very important that you learn an online course related to your fields and interests. And once you get enough knowledge and experience, you can start your own course and make money during lockdown through it which is my next point.

5. Create an online course and sell it

how to make money during lockdown

Do you know a skill in which you are pro? It can be anything… like playing pubG, playing guitar or piano, etc. Create an online course that can engage people and you could help them making them learn these skills.

Create an advertisement and with proper marketing skills and running marketing campaigns, you can acquire costumers and make money during lockdown or after too by teaching them.

6. Sell your work online

This is a time when people are stuck with lots of work at home, especially people who are employees. It is getting harder for companies that work offline to survive and most of our fathers and mothers work offline.

Older generations also do not know much about online procedures and works. So they are in search to hire some people who actually know the basics of the internet and can make their work easier.

This work can be making presentations, making projects office research, or anything related to your costumer’s demand or you can pursue your passion. If you can do this work for them, you can actually charge some amount and make money during lockdown as a brilliant chance rather than just sitting idle and doing nothing at all.

7. Work as a FreeLancer

how to make money during lockdown

Working as a freelancer can also be a full-fleshed career and can make you an unlimited amount of money after you get yourself indulged in it. This is an option for you if you have no investment or you can start to make money during lockdown with zero investment.

You have to make a profile on a freelancing website and can you have to write down about you and services that you may offer. Then you can bid them for your work and you are eligible to get clients.

Once you start taking projects and based upon your work, your clients give you a rating. This actually increases your credibility in the market and makes you a more trusted and authorized freelancer. this would not help you to make money during lockdown only but also after all this goes fine.

8. Build an Instagram page

how to make money during lockdown

Instagram has grown very abruptly for the past few years. Today, it has a user base of around 112 million users!! Such a huge number…

Along with its big user base, it has become a hub for all the marketers and promoters that advertise offline as well as online. Today, a new business thinks of creating a hold of costumers through Instagram before even establishing the brand offline.

In that case, people who have a big and large number of followers, tend to have a huge revenue through paid promotions and sponsorships. Instagram can actually make you a lot of money nowadays and will be a beneficial skill if you use it in the right way.

9. Sell Kindle e Book

how to make money during lockdown

Do you love to write ??? Or you are a book publisher? Do you write novels or stories?? And worried if your work is not going smoothly these days? There is also a wonderful platform for you to make money during lockdown .

Kindle is actually a thing, which can make you money in the long term too. And yes, it is a source of a passive income lifetime, once you get your books published and people start liking it.

This can be a thing, in which you can just work hard for some time like 2-3 years and get successful, and then it works in auto-pilot mode, and bring you a hell lot of money.

I guess, this quarantine is the best time for you to invest in this to make money during lockdown if you love to write or are a book worm.

10. Start investing in online stocks

how to make money during lockdown

Investing in online stocks can be an excellent way to multiply your money and grow wealth. For a wise investor, stocks can play a vital role in the long term in growing wealth and making money during lockdown online.

Since people are stuck at home and are advised to maintain the social distance, people have opted to the online shopping stores even for their daily needs. so, investing in any of the online stock would prove to be a gentle step for making money during lockdown.

so, all the people who are now tired of being sleepy at home and thinking of making money during lockdown, these can be the possible opportunities for you to be productive even after being stuck at your home. get motivated, start doing one of these mentioned options and rock your dream world, and make that a reality. ALL THE BEST AND BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BRING.


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