INCREDIBLE ! this is how to use 100 percent of your brain like EINSTEIN

INCREDIBLE ! this is how to use 100 percent of your brain like EINSTEIN

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Friends, Your brain can fulfill any of your wishes if you want and any of your dreams can be accomplished if you know how to use 100 percent of your brain. Your brain knows it how to do and yes trust me guys you guys will be shocked by reading this article that why you didn’t know that earlier.

Today I’ll show you how to really make the best use out of your brain and how can you understand your brain a bit deeper.

Brain: A problem-solving machine

Well, the fact which most people don’t know is our brain is a problem-solving machine. We have the ability to think about the past and we avoid doing the mistakes we did so as not to repeat that in the future. And we have the power to imagine a problem which we can prevent before it comes.

And with all this, I’ll tell you how you can understand the power of your brain in just three steps.

Three steps how to use 100 percent of your brain :

How to use 100 percent of your brain in daily life:


If you won’t believe that you can do this work, your brain will never find a solution to that. It will not think of the solutions coming in your way.

For example, if Alexander Graham Bell wouldn’t have believed that he could make a device by which people can also talk even when they are too far away, then the telephone wouldn’t have been invented by him.

Similarly, if you will not believe that you’ll make a successful business in the future, then you will never be able to do that. Your brain will never think of solving important and crucial information about the problems which can come your way while establishing a business.

For example, how will you start the business? What will be your product? From where will you get the raw material? What will be your logo?

If you will tell your mind that doing business is not possible, then it will automatically shut the process of finding answers.

 The works which seem possible to your brain will always find the answers for that otherwise he’ll shut the process by declaring it useless.

The same goes for our memory. Things which are important to us will remain for a longer period of time as compared to the things which are not so important. Or something Impactful happened in your life, it can be negative or positive, will remain for a longer period of time or sometimes for a lifetime. And the things like where we kept the keys are not so impactful so the brain prefers to forget it.

If you think of becoming a pro player in some video games, then your brain will find the solution of the same. Or if you think “how you can attract that girl” Then your brain will find the solution to that.

How to make yourself believe?

Now the question is how to make you believe? And the answer is very simple but fascinating.

“Make smaller goals to achieve them and aim for bigger ones further.”

http://www.pep talks

Always try to hit smaller aims first rather than trying to hit the bigger one directly. This is a very successful trick which you may find very effective when you bring it in use.

Try to hit smaller goals so that your brain believes that achieving a step bigger one is also easy. When I started this blog, I never targeted for 500$ per month directly.

In fact, I planned to complete 5 posts to upload and when I completed 5 posts, a feeling of accomplishment came to my mind and my belief to write 15 posts got stronger. Then I thought why not 50 posts? And at last, I focused on Income.   

During the entire journey, it was not so difficult to convince my brain to solve all the problems coming in my way. And that is why the small problems which came in my way, my brain was more focused and attentive to solve every problem.

And when your brain is focused on some specific problem, it surely finds a solution to that. If you get smaller rewards, then converting them into bigger achievements is not so hard.


So instead of focusing on becoming a muscle blaze, try to lose 5 kg weight will be a better option. And after achieving that, you can focus on accomplishing a bigger target.This is how to use 100 percent of your brain.

Feed the right information to your brain.

Before proceeding to this topic, let’s first understand what creativity is. If I sum up all the books on creativity I’ve read in one line, then it is like “Creativity is connecting dots”.

In other words, you have different types of information and you make something new out of it is creativity. We always solve our problems by joining the existing information. And 99% of things are discovered by connecting the dots.

For example, if we take the camera, which is made up of fiber, glass, and plastic mostly, which was already discovered when the camera was to be invented. There was nothing that was not available on this planet.

This means your brain should be having enough of the information so that we can use that information to invent or create new things.

So, let us come again to the business example. And if you believe that you can make a successful business, then you should feed your brain with good information to start a business and this is how to use 100 percent of your brain.

how to use 100 percent of your brain

You should go through business blogs, meet business related people, read business books, etc.

Let us take another example, suppose you want to be a person who is social and wants to improve people’s skills, then give yourself information about people skills and communication skills. Read books related to that and get yourself changed within no time.  

If you want to want to look awesome then give your mind related information to look handsome and good looking.

If you will feed the information which is required to your brain, it will automatically show you the paths through which you will solve any of your problems.

   Feed your brain daily:

Information is like fuel to your brain. Likewise, your car needs fuel all the time when you are moving ahead to your destination, the same way, and your brain needs information that can be solved by giving it the proper information.

 If your brain will not get information, it will stop before reaching the destination just like a car. Moreover, the brain gets distracted very quickly.

Till the time you are feeding information related to your problem, it will always be stick with solving the problem. But when you give some other irrelevant information to your brain, it gets distracted to the other problem. Does your brain basically think that this new problem seems quite interesting why shouldn’t I try this one?

When you give information about studies, it will be focused on the same. If you give him the information about the business, it will stick to solve the problems with the business.

And when you give him the information about How to kill more people in PubG then it will think for the same to solve the problem. Also, if you will feed him information about what your friends are doing on Instagram, then it will think for the same.

And this is the only reason when you open YouTube to study, and scroll down below and go to the trending tab, then after surfing 2 hours, you get to know that you have studied nothing till so far.

So give information to your brain about what is really important. Because always remember your brain gets distracted very quickly.   


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