Interested in knowing as HOW TO PUT ON CUFFLINKS for Men? Try these 7 easy and perfect ways {with pictures}

Interested in knowing as HOW TO PUT ON CUFFLINKS for Men? Try these 7 easy and perfect ways {with pictures}

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Hello, Awesome audience out there.  I hope you are doing well in your respective lives. Today I’m here to open up some truths on how to put on cufflinks for men perfectly.

There are lots of myths about cuff links and those I’ll be clearing by this blog post. And those who are fond of cuff links or Are not sure about what exactly they are and are confused about how to put on cufflinks in an appropriate manner? Need not to be in suspense anymore I’m here to help you out. 

blue cuffkink

 In today’s world grooming and well, dressing has become essential for every single man. And everyone is now on trying to keep his dressing quite well and take good care of every small thing.

And when it comes to Formal occasions or official works, which require obviously formal dressing, everyone is seen very conscious about every single detail about his dressing.

So, taking formal dressing forward in the discussion, a very important thing which is included in formal dressing is “CUFFLINKS”.

collection of cufflink

Cufflinks are one of the most crucial elements nowadays in formal dressings and seem very good and classy to the observer. It enhances the overall look of the dressing and makes you look distinct from the crowd.

Some people might have misconceptions or confusion about how to put on cufflinks for men properly and today, after reading this piece of information you’ll be quite clear about the concept of cufflinks and will be able to wear it properly.

What are cufflinks?

Cuff links for men are basically made of two buttons or beads which are linked to each other with the help of a thread or a chain (Depending upon the type of cufflink). They basically link the cuff ends.

These fancy buttons or beads are usually selected by the type of formal dressing you are wearing. It is totally up to you and is your choice that how you want to pair a cufflink with your dress up.

 Cufflinks, Why?

Cuff links come in a variety of shades and colors. It has various styles and also different categories. This small stuff makes you look very sophisticated.

 I personally think that these cufflinks to our cuffs are like ties to our collars. Likewise, ties make your collar look good and clean in formal dressing, the same way a cufflink makes your cuffs look clean and sophisticated. Like there are hell lots of shades of ties available in the market, the same way there are lots and lots of different cufflinks available for you guys.

When to put on cufflinks?

I’ve seen many people wearing cufflinks in informal parties and get together. This is not correct obviously. So this is very important to tell you guys that what the right time to wear cuff links is. Should we wear them occasionally or regularly? Can we wear them in family meetings? Can we wear them at our friend’s wedding?

Well, guys, cuff links are usually worn informal occasions like official meets, seminars, workshops, and business conferences. Cufflinks for men are basically for making you look neat and sophisticated. I personally suggest wearing them on formal occasions but you should be innovative and must try them on different occasions too. Also, we should keep a few things in mind.

Cufflinks for men are not for your family occasions and parties. Places where there is not so official works, I personally do not prefer to have your cufflinks on. These can be your friends get together, kitty parties, festivals, and other informal occasions accept weddings.

 Now, coming to the main part, I have discussed various things about cufflinks.

How to put on cufflinks?

Now when we know this much about cufflink, so now let us proceed to the biggest problem which is faced by many people is how to put on cufflinks.

Basically, cufflinks for men are very easy to use if you know the right way to use it. This is very important that you should be aware of each and every way of using your cufflinks. So that every time you wear that, it should look good on you. Some types of cuff links I’m listing below, and I’ll show you the right way to wear each of them.

  • Whaleback cufflinks
  • Bullet back cufflinks
  • chain link cufflinks
  • Snap cufflinks
  • Fabric cufflinks
  • Chain-wrap cufflinks
  • Silk knot cufflinks

  Whaleback cufflinks:

This is the type of cufflink that has a shape as a whale tail as the name suggests. Although, this is one of the most popular cufflinks for men and has a T bar lock system, not only enhances your overall look but also gives a very Royal look.

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Bullet back cufflinks:

It has the bullet-like shape on the one end and detailing on the other. Moreover, This is the most popular cufflink type till now and most stylish cuff links as well.


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You can make yourself look extra classy and remarkable by this type of cufflink.

Chain link cufflinks:

These types of cufflinks have a shorter length which helps you hold your cuffs with your wrists quite well and with this, you get a loosened look.

These cuff links are quite decorative and also seem stylish as well.

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chain link cufflinks

Snap cufflinks:

Snap cufflinks are one of the favorite cufflinks. It is because it has a very simple structure like a dumbbell. This is very precise and effortless to put on this one seriously.

I found these cuff links very efficient and durable.

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Fabric cufflinks:


Fabric cufflinks are those which have a metal back and gives a fabric look from the front. I usually wear them with winter formals.  It gives a warm and stylish look in the cold season as well.

These are a type of cuff links which are not meant for shiny looks but gives you a very decent and firm look.

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  Fixed back cufflinks:

fixed back cufflinks

I personally keep this type of cufflinks at last in my collection. It is because I find it difficult to fasten them as compared to other cuff links. These cufflinks are quite rigid, and are not moveable.

So, while inserting them into your cuffs, you may find it quite frustrating when you wear them like it did to me.

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Ball return cufflinks:

Ball return cufflinks also have a non-moveable back like fixed back cufflinks. But it is much easier to wear as compared to many cuff links out there. This has an extra edge of sphere end which gets into your cuffs quite easily.

This saves your time and you are always punctual and well dressed all the time.

See how good friends of yours these small pebbles are……

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Silk knot cufflinks:


 These cuff links were introduced in the 1900s and are very famous in today’s era. These days metal cufflinks are shaped like them and try to give you a look like a shiny metal thread.

These days, these cuff links are one of the most popular and affordable cufflinks which you can get from any of the cufflinks. If you are trying cufflinks for the very first time, you should try these cufflinks above all.

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how to put on cuff links will not be a mystery anymore.


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