Struggling with How to increase confidence? Avoid these 10 silly mistakes

how to increase confidence

Struggling with How to increase confidence? Avoid these 10 silly mistakes

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Sitting outside a cabin and waiting for your turn for the interview? feeling nervous? In the fast-moving world, as to how to increase your confidence is a concern for you too to stand out from the other confident looking guys in-crowd?

Then, Stop it!!!!!!!!!! Gentlemen, if you are doing these mistakes.if doing so, then you are definitely killing your confidence and lagging behind what you really deserve. This piece of content could be really helpful if you don’t know what those things which are not making you know how to increase confidence.

How to increase confidence

how to increase confidence
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Even if you see the history behind and also see some present examples, people have been solving their great problems as well as people’s problem with high self-confidence and self-esteem. You might have wondered how they could think so differently and solve every problem coming in their phase of life and knows how to increase confidence.

But the question is from where they get such a good belief in themselves and cater problems with a smile? And after reading this whole article, you will automatically get the answer to this question. As you will be knowing the 10 Mistakes you might be doing which is really affecting your self-confidence.

10 Mistakes you might be doing which is really affecting your self-confidence and enable you to increase confidence. So, here we go:

Seeking External approvals on How to increase confidence

how to increase confidence

It is not wrong if you ask someone before taking a decision, and you always prefer to double-check before going under the spot.

But the problem is when you totally depend on their decisions and don’t move ahead without any external approval. Now, this is what the problem is. Any external suggestion should not matter to you and people have this nature that they comment on everything which comes up with some variation and exception.

What makes us seek approvals?

You might feel low or embarrassing if you come to dress well, you get yourself ready to face the audience and people out there on some occasion and suddenly someone comments something wrong in your dressing. Other’s opinions should not matter to you and believe in yourself and trust yourself mostly.

Try not to rely on other’s opinions, always try to depend on yourself for any decision you make so that you could be proud of what you do and if things won’t go accordingly, try to find ways out. If you rely on others, you come in a week position and you sink off your confidence.

2. Not developing skills you are good at :

How to increase confidence

You might be wondering how this factor can affect your confidence. If you have something in you which is not so common, this could be any talent or way of doing things or anything and you are not growing it, you might be putting yourself in a pit.

Doing somethings naturally can really be a blessing. And if you are not taking this blessing then, of course, this will be achieved by someone else and you will be left behind which will obviously make your confidence sink. This is why you search How to increase confidence on google very often.

Why you should do things in which You are good

Things at which you are good at are the things which you enjoy. If you do these things with passion, no external motivation is needed and the work will be a game for you.

For example, if a footballer is good at his field and is not improving himself or his skills, he will be replaced by someone who is actually working on his skills and improves them as well. When it happens with you, your confidence gets affected to a great extent.

3. Ignoring your health

I was one of them who always procrastinated for going to the gym or always making excuses for not meeting people at the gym. Basically I used to avoid doing exercises and then used to regret it because after all, I know how exercise is important for a being to stay fit always.

Why health is important?

And this actually used to degrade my self-confidence and used to make me feel bad about myself and often worry about how to increase confidence. And which is the worst thing which I think could be? Because it doesn’t matter how somebody feels about you the only thing which matters is how you think about yourself.

So to overcome this problem, I started taking care of my health and started going for a morning walk or running. This actually changed the way I used to think about myself I used to feel very good about myself and different from others as well.

4. Staying in a toxic relationship

How to increase confidence

If you are in a relationship that is not what you want and is going towards abusing each other either mentally, morally or physically, you should think of getting out of it. Usually, men don’t think of getting physically abused but yes, men can also be physically abused.

How to get out of a Toxic relationship

If you don’t know how to get out of this stuff, just be true to yourself and ask if this is what I wanted from her or is this how it meant to be? If not, then find out some way to get things uncomplicated and talk with your partner about this. If it doesn’t work, then you must end this and close the chapter.

A toxic relationship actually affects your confidence very badly because you can’t say anything wrong about your relationship but you can’t let everything happen just because you have chosen her. You just allowed somebody to love you or you love her, not to abuse under any circumstances.

 5. Hating yourself

How to increase confidence

One should not be bothered about what others think about you. But the only thing that matters is what you think about yourself. The only person who is always with you till your last breath is you. You talk to yourself daily either intentionally or not but there is a person who is inside you always whom you put questions and get answers from him.

How to increase confidence by accepting yourself

The most important thing is accepting yourself as you are. Don’t hate yourself for a decision you made are a mistake you did. Everything can be cured with time. Nothing is permanent. If you have done a mistake that you feel should not have been done by you, then learn from that mistake and move forward.

Try not to repeat that and don’t worry about the things you can’t control. Hating yourself will just make you feel more depressed and under-confident. You can live the world out there and don’t think what people will think about this.

6. Listening to the black wolf: unable to know how to increase confidence

How to increase confidence

 Now you might be thinking what I mean by this? Well, be might have heard this story from our elders or from somewhere else that we have two wolves in us. One is a white wolf who is happy, life and ambition and all the great things inside you. On the other hand, a black wolf who is fear, death and all the negative things have is you.

The one you feed will grow. If you feed the black wolf that is if you pay attention to the bad thoughts which come in your mind, then you will continue to have those. And if you focus on positive things you will continue to have those thoughts that are white wolf will grow.

So next time when you will be in a situation, always focus on positive things and try to ignore the negative ones, in case you should focus on positive.

7. Only Focusing on yourself

Nobody likes that person who always talks about himself. It is because it is not a sign of good quality. You should be feeling good about what you are. But should not be self-obsessed. This will make people go away from you and thus this makes your confidence drag down.

These people are true narcissists with whom nobody likes to be. They always say like I this-I that-I did this, this is a great sign for you to be going towards fighting for your self-confidence if you are a person like this.

How to increase confidence by not talking about yourself

Always try not to talk about yourself. Keep this thing to be done by others. Never obsess what you have, instead, only when you are asked about yourself, only then speak about you. This actually makes an image yours in other’s mind that at least you are not a self-obsessed person.

You need not give a compliment to yourself when you help others, they automatically give a compliment to you and thank you. And that this is what a true compliment is.  

8. Always trying to do things perfectly

If you always want everything to be perfect then you are wasting your time. Because everything in this is not perfect. Sometimes you get a thing done and you see a spot that “oh, this is not perfect” and then you spend a lot of time making it correct it and the thing doesn’t execute at all.

This is what will make you feel you that you didn’t work accordingly and you should have been analyzing too much. Somethings just making things perfect, ruins them. And If you think that yes it is only 90%, do it. Because no matter what doing is important.

Sometimes if you push it much, it can really pull back.

All of a sudden we realize that we are not getting things done, we are slipping on deadlines.

9. Being too much Sensitive

Don’t be a snowflake. And don’t be so much sensitive towards religion, politics what is going on in your family or your relationships. What people are saying, what they are not saying.

When you are in a bad situation like you get frustrated you get upset, your mind closes, it shrinks. And can’t think of something else.

Your mind gets narrow-focused. You miss out on the exciting world around you.

This affects your ability to think, this affects your decisions and thus your confidence.

10. You won’t forgive yourself

How to increase confidence

This mistake is the worst one on the list because there is no one except you who can pull you out of this problem.

We don’t forgive ourselves and we hold grudges against ourselves for a mistake that we made long ago. But always remember, we are human we make mistakes and that is how we grow. Some of them can be really bad, but mistakes itself says that it is a ‘mis-take’. You did something wrong unknowingly or something knowingly, but now you want to improve that.

Move forward and try to forgive yourself for whatever you did wrong.


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