Geetanjali Salon Jammu | Best for Bridal make-up 2020 in the city

Geetanjali Salon Jammu | Best for Bridal make-up 2020 in the city

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“Veere di Wedding” is almost here but you are not able to understand how do you stand out from the crowd. The tadak bhadak of the wedding season is on and wedding songs are playing on the loop- it comes with the extra expense on clothes and ahhhh well …..the most important of all, …‘MAKE UP’ (“Bhaiya, Ek dum natural lagna chahiye”). But isn’t it rare to actually find such a salon who listens to all your demands and work accordingly towards your needs with a pinch of their experience? So this made me write about Geetanjali salon Jammu. Menzzbeinggentle always prefers to provide our viewers with the best things.

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After all, as it is the wedding season and this season, of course, comes with responsibilities and lots of buzzing parties. Everybody tends to present gloriously to others than they usually carry themselves. Especially, the Brides on that special day, when she is going to step into a new life, needs to look stunning and awesome, and smell good as all the eyes are on her. So obviously, she holds the dream of being the best among everybody else. It was my cousin’s marriage and I was told to search out top salon in Jammu for best bridal makeup in the city.

Geetanjali salon jammu

 When we were looking for a salon for brides at Jammu city, we found a number of them. But we were searching for something which has to be the best salon in Jammu, Geetanjali salon Jammu was something which exactly met our expectations. A place where customer satisfaction, best quality products and always affordable prices are the priorities.

Although it was not an easy task, after a long search operation, we finally found the one. And undoubtedly Geetanjali salon Jammu was the one.

Why am I telling you this?

I personally got familiar with the brand for the very first time when I was listening to the Radio. After talking to the local crowd and some of my relatives, I found that they also visited this place, and appreciated Geetanjali as they were fully satisfied with the services.

Geetanjali salon jammu

Also, it’s my duty as a responsible citizen, I want the public of Jammu to visit a place where they can feel glad to visit and always cherished with unique beauty experience.

Why I visited Geetanjali salon Jammu only?

When consumers go to a salon, they are looking for a relaxing visit focused on their well- being that helps them disconnect from their daily worries and reconnect themselves. They also want to enjoy a unique beauty experience with services and advice that suit their needs.

Sumit Israni at Geetanjali salon Jammu

Keeping these expectations in my mind and excitement of what I heard about it, I stepped into Geetanjali salon Jammu. You know, what I liked the most was the presence of the owner himself who kept an eye on the work for best customer satisfaction.  

This clearly shows that the M.D Mr. Danish Gupta and his wife Mrs. Ruchika Gupta(runs her own Instagram handle by the name Ruchika Makeover) are not just having an aim for sales, but much more than that. The main focus is on treating their customers very well. Over a series of appointments, trust and customer loyalty developed between us. This close relationship explains why consumers prefer to purchase their products and services in salons.

What services does Geetanjali salon Jammu offer?

Since I got an extraordinary experience and satisfaction, so I was eager to know what other services they provide. And surprisingly I was impressed to know that they are pioneer in providing customers with luxurious experience for:

Geetanjali salon jammu

Hair | Skin | Hands and Feet| Barber shop | Makeup |

Best-in-class products with Finest amenities and professionally trained staff

Specializations- Geetanjali salon Jammu

Here are almost all the special features of Geetanjali salon Jammu that you can enjoy and have the benefit from. The main thing is that these are not so costly and are pocket-friendly as well.

You can check out all the prices By visiting the Salon and can get a special discount as well.

Hair cut

hAIR CUT-Geetanjali salon jammu

Geetanjali offered us a variety of hair cut, hair care, and beauty services. This made us choose from a large number of options and finally, after a long dilemma we made it! And had the perfect hair cut for us.

Moreover, the staff was not only co-operating but they listened to all our requests and needs. It was not only the staff who helped us look to the best, but it was “parivaar waala Rishta” created with them.


Geetanjali salon jammu

The styling was so good that we were shocked seeing us like we were. It was the moment that made our minds deny that we are us in the mirror. The stylists were experienced and had a good grip on their work. All of the staff were very hardworking and dedicated to their work.


Geetanjali salon jammu

As you can see there were a hell lot of high-quality products to see and which specialists applied to our hair and skin. This was a really great experience and it was giving a very royal and exclusive feeling.

Texture service

Hair texture services can be fundamental to creating that perfect look, after all, it’s not just your hair, it’s your style. Geetanjali salon is to help you to reduce your styling time at home.


Your hair color defines how you look and can even influence how you feel. Geetanjali also offers a variety of colors to choose from.

Hair Treatments

Geetanjali salon jammu

Also if you are worried about your hair and they seems to be bit damaged, Geetanjali also do hair treatments and has a a variety of hair treatment products for you, which is suitable for your hair.

Kerastase Rituals

Geetanjali salon jammu

My hair were going through a rough time. So I thought it’d be a good time to one of my favorite salons in the city, and try the new Geetanjali salon, Instant Booster Hair salon and bridal makeup. A shorter hair spa or hair ritual, Kerastase ritual takes as little as 20 minutes minus time spent styling.

Body wax

geetanjali salon jammu

Waxing may not be the most comfortable beauty ritual for some. To avoid pain, many clients book individual waxing procedures, and they get no more than three areas of the body waxed during a single session.

But being in Geetanjali salon, they offer you relief giving body wax and awesome experience.

Skin Rituals

Geetanjali’s facials aren’t designed just to help you relax, but to help improve your skin. Facials help boost collagen levels, remove dead skin, cleanse pores and hydrate your skin. You’ll leave with healthier skin and looking fabulous.

Hands and Feet Treatments

Pure pampering for your hands and feet, this treatment is designed to make your hands and feet look good and feel soft and silky with this Lavender all-round hand and feet ritual. 

About Geetanjali Salon Jammu

Geetanjali salon jammu

Geetanjali salon was recently launched in the Market of Jammu and has created a great print and a feeling of curiousness among the public. All are excited to know what new Geetanjali salon is coming with? Which will be a market-changing thing in Jammu.

Basically, Geetanjali is a Brand that has been introduced in various cities of India and now in Jammu as well. It is a Delhi based brand that focuses on providing the best salon experience to people from different cities and states.

Features of Geetanjali Salon Jammu

Best salon chain

Without any doubt, Geetanjali salons have been one of the best salon’s Chains in India. It has covered cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, Sonipat, Noida, Agra, Dehradun, Lucknow, Kanpur, And Jammu. Which is really a great challenge to initiate.


Phone- 07051470506

Instagram Handle- Ruchika Makeovers

Facebook handle: Makeovers by Ruchika

walk in at Geetanjali Salon Jammu

visit Official website –

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