10 Inspiring Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys that will Blow your Mind


10 Inspiring Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys that will Blow your Mind

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Samosa khau ya veggies??”Chalo aj Kha leta hun, Kal se dieting kr lunga. aur Kal bhi same situation. This is a big Dilemma in which we all stuck somewhere in our lives. But these tiny habits define our fat to fit body like the fat to fit Bollywood journeys which is not only from outside but inside as well. “Par kya Karen Bhai Dil hai ki manta hi nahi..”

Being fit after being fat as potato is really a challenge that could be tougher than climbing a big mountain bare feet. But some people have the courage to take that fat to fit challenge that could be an inspiration for all of us and the good news is “yes, it is possible.”

Talking about Bollywood where size has always been a factor for judging people for casting in the movies along with their looks. Also, people in India love Bollywood and treat it as a religion and stars are treated as gods.

So here we have shuffled some of the most inspiring fat to fit Bollywood journeys That will surely help you get that desired physique which you always wanted.

But before starting let me tell you, This needs Hell lot of Dedication and hard work to take this fat to fit the challenge.

so let’s just begin:

Amir Khan 97kgs to 72 kgs 25 kgs
Arjun Kapoor140 kgs to 87kgs. 53 kgs
Adnan Sami 230kgs to 70kgs160 kgs
Parineeti Chopra86kgs to 58kgs28 kgs
Sonam Kapoor86 kgs to 55kgs31 kgs
Sonakshi Sinha90kgs to 60kgs30 kgs
Bhumi Padnekar 89kgs to 57kgs32 kgs
Zareen Khan 100 kgs to 57 kgs43 kgs
Alia Bhatt67kgs to 47kgs20 kgs
Kareena Kapoor 90kgs to 58kgs32kgs

Amir Khan

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

Who in India doesn’t know who amir khan is? his different characters either it is of Raja Hindustani or it is Mahavir Phogat, are loved by all, not only in India but in other film industries as well. While playing the role of Mahavir Phogat in Movie- Dangal, One of the best Bollywood actors, Amir khan.

The movie Had two phases. In one part, he had to put on weight. So, he weighed 96 kgs with 38 percent body fat and that he had to reduce to 9 percent body fat within five months. That was a huge task.

Movie Dangal was the toughest challenge for Amir and many times in between he was losing it, But finally, he completed the challenge of fat to fit bollywood hunks.

After he completed all the scenes in which showed himself unfit, he along with his team went out for tracking to the nearest hill every day. But according to him, the diet was the major factor in his weight loss journey he used to have a diet balanced between 1800 cal to 2500 cal.

Moreover, his workout routine was also an essential factor in his fabulous fat to fit Bollywood journey of weight loss. This would be completely fair in saying that it was the result of his dedication that he was again back with his 8 packs in just 5 months.

Arjun Kapoor:

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

A fat boy weighing 140 kg at a time, Arjun Kapoor has totally changed himself through some previous years. Not only in looks but also in his body by developing six-pack abs…. interesting na?

When he was fat, He went through a tough hustle with his extra pounds, that he couldn’t fit into any airline seats.

Arjun was guided and highly motivated by Salman Khan. Salman makes sure that he follows the properly disciplined diet and shares workout plans with him.

His major reason for putting on so much weight was stress and trauma. he started eating a lot of junk to avoid stress. so, the foremost thing he needs to overcome was his mental state and to stay motivated. But, Due to some serious health issues and water loss, he actually lost 10 kgs in a month, and after that, he had a tough way to go.

He started working on himself and his physic after this and after 4 years of continuous hard work and dedication, he transformed from 140 kgs to 87kgs competing for his fat to fit bollywood journeys.

Adnan Sami

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

Adnan Sami is undoubtedly an inspiration for many to lose weight. He lost around 130 kilos in 11 months. Many people think that he had been through bariatric surgery, but it is completely false.

He lost his weight by following a strict low-carb high protein diet plan along with regular workouts.

He actually hired a nutritionist to initiate the diet plan. According to the diet plan, he has to stay away from white rice, bread, sugar, and oils.

Adnan Sami said he lost 10.5 kilos per month.

Now, he is maintaining his ideal weight of 70 kilos by following a low carb high protein diet for keeping himself in the fat to fit Bollywood journeys.

Parineeti Chopra

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

Not all the actors tell or admit that they used to be at the chubby side earlier. But this amazing Bollywood artist, Parineeti Chopra of course not only accepts it but also openly talks about what she used to be physically a few years back.

She actually shed off 28 kgs in around 1 year. This resulted in reducing size 38 to 30. She shocked the world by making her appearance in her stunning new avatar in the 2015 IIFA Awards.

It was way more difficult for her to get that fat to fit bollywood journeys challenge because she is known for being foody and she also used to hate exercises. And we can relate this to our situation as well.

So this gives everyone a lesson that everything is possible if done with full dedication and pure heart.

Sonam Kapoor

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

A very talented actress, bit talks controversial and has a very beautiful figure now, Sonam Kapoor, not used to be that same as she is today.

By the time she turned 19, she was almost 86 kilos. When Sonam was offered the lead role in the movie “Saawariya”, she decided to get back in shape.

Sonam Kapoor was not having any intentions to step into the Bollywood industry and hence never cared about her weight.

As a result, she gained a lot of weight while she was studying in Singapore for two years.

And finally, it changed when she was offered for the movie “Saawariya” from a very profound director of Indian television, Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Sonakshi Sinha

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

This actress can seriously give you some serious fitness goals. And especially, If you also belong to such a category who hates exercises and loves junk food.

But before she entered the Bollywood industry, She actually shed off almost 30 kgs. The actress has now become a body-positive fitness icon for many people.

Sonakshi at some time weighed 90 kgs and now she is 60 kgs. That is she lost 30 kgs, before the debut movie “Dabangg” and making it in the fat to fit bollywood journeys.

Kareena Kapoor

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

Kareena Kapoor is nowadays known for her post-baby glow and weightloss. Her total transformation from a happy mother into a diva has got everybody’s eyes this year.

Moreover, she just adorably inspired all the mommies in the line to be fat to fit. And her total weight loss journey has inspired me as well which has made me include her in this list.

She believes that having ghee in diet can really help you cut your weight. Which most of the people think that is not healthy.

Moreover, she believes that Being regular to exercise is the key to have success in the journey of weight loss. This would help you feel less pressurized after you get a hobby of it.

Alia Bhatt

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

Alia Bhatt is one of the topmost actresses in the Bollywood Industry. But let me tell you the story behind her success of weight loss.

While auditioning of “Student of the year”, She was 67 kgs. And had to lose weight to get the role.

She was very determined and lost 16 kgs in just 3 months! and surprisingly she did so. Not only this, but she also lost more than 20 kgs in 6 months banged her name in the fabulous fat to fit Bollywood journeys the divas.

she put herself in a strict diet plan and hit the gym 4 days a week and has continued the workout till now. Her simple fanda is fit is the new sexy, and when you look at her, you cannot help but agree.

Bhumi Padnekar

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

Talking about the fat to fit Bollywood journeys and forgetting her, nahh. The national award-winning actress, Bhumi Padnekar got great attention because of her tremendous weight loss and she comes back with a lean body.

She was offered with her debut film, DUM LAGA KE HAISHA, but for that role, she had to put on a lot of weight approx 32 kgs than her present weight.

She just followed her regular diet, exercised portion control and was very particular about not bingeing but had a cheat meal every five days. but she cut all the junk and totally depends upon the Ghar ka khana because her guide was her mother. it might sound fancy but she had never been to any dietician or a nutritionist.

Zareen Khan

Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys

This actress suffered a lot of criticism because of her weight right after her first film. in her childhood she aimed to be a doctor, so she never cared about her ever-increasing weight.

But an item number in Ready, her slimmer avatar became the talk of the Bollywood. her fat to fit journey includes shedding 43kgs. The actress performs different types of cardio and never sticks to one form because she gets “bored easily”.

Thinking that she must have out her to starve will be completely wrong here because she just went for a well-balanced diet cutting the junk. this lady has given answers to every hater who once body-shamed her giving all the fat to fit Bollywood journeys goals.

so all the people who are fat here is the time you should get inspired by the Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys and start yours now and be the change.




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