GOOD NEWS|1st valuable trial coronavirus vaccine injected in US volunteer for superior examination

Right from the early 2020s, the world has been afraid of suffering from the dreadful coronavirus disease. A virus tagged as COVID 19 is responsible for the outbreak of the pandemic. This has become a great threat to mankind but good news has come up. The 1st ever trial coronavirus vaccine has been injected in […]


Perfumes are quite essential in this world of Dating and Dating apps today. So whether you are going for a date, College going student or young office goer, this article is a must for you to find out the best quality perfumes under 5000. Perfumes have been one of the most important accessories a man […]


“Bhai Sahab ab kya Smartphone Chalana Bhi chord dein??” Some of you might be reacting like this, (Including me). A mobile phone is something that almost every person in this world uses. This is very difficult to even imagine our lives without a smartphone in our hands. but do you know that the dangerous coronavirus […]

Struggling with How to increase confidence? Avoid these 10 silly mistakes

Sitting outside a cabin and waiting for your turn for the interview? feeling nervous? In the fast-moving world, as to how to increase your confidence is a concern for you too to stand out from the other confident looking guys in-crowd? Then, Stop it!!!!!!!!!! Gentlemen, if you are doing these mistakes.if doing so, then you […]

Hunting for the best jobs In India 2020? Hurry, Apply in these sectors today!

There are many men out there who are searching for jobs but get nothing in their hands. This could be an Article that you might be searching for so long and this would definitely tell you about the best jobs In India for men (men profession) In India 2020. The world is in the 2020’s […]

No.1 Thrilling “MTV ROADIES REVOLUTION” Reality show is BACK

Woohoo… The all New one of the favorite shows of Indian youth, the most fascinating MTV Roadies is back. This time season will be more extreme and challenges will be breathtaking. The show is coming by the name “MTV ROADIES REVOLUTION”. The auditions have started now and people are very much excited about this season. […]

OMG!!!! Ranbir Kapoor decides to tie the knot with this Amazing Bollywood Actress in December 2020

The Moment we were all waiting has come. Our “Barfi Boy” is going to tie the knot with Alia Bhatt this December. An article by film critic and entertainment journalist Rajeev Masand in Open Magazine says, Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor looking forward to a wedding in December. After Bhramastra (Alia and Ranbir’s first film […]

Everything about Traffic Rules in India | Apply these Amazing 15 Tips

It’s very interesting to read about traffic rules in India and it also becomes crucial when you are too into the driving things. No matter if you are a Beginner or “PRO” on roads; you must have good knowledge of each rule and road sign. Roads are part of our daily life and we spend […]

Interested in knowing as HOW TO PUT ON CUFFLINKS for Men? Try these 7 easy and perfect ways {with pictures}

Hello, Awesome audience out there.  I hope you are doing well in your respective lives. Today I’m here to open up some truths on how to put on cufflinks for men perfectly. There are lots of myths about cuff links and those I’ll be clearing by this blog post. And those who are fond of […]

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