15 Shocking tips on How to lose 10 kgs in 1 month at home [updated]

All those people who want to shed that extra pounds from the body to be fit in the dream outfit. Gyms are the best for losing weight but these days whole earth has been in terror because of the dangerous coronavirus and because of this most of the world has been lockdown. oh!!! ab kya? […]

5 Best fitness bands Under 2000 rs that every fitness freak should own in 2020

Who not in today’s era wants to be fit and healthy. I always wanted to look great in case if fitness and stay healthy. Well, going to the gym can be the best way to stay fit. The gyms are well equipped with machines that could easily detect our work time and other essential stuff. […]

10 Inspiring Fat to Fit Bollywood Journeys that will Blow your Mind

“Samosa khau ya veggies??”Chalo aj Kha leta hun, Kal se dieting kr lunga. aur Kal bhi same situation. This is a big Dilemma in which we all stuck somewhere in our lives. But these tiny habits define our fat to fit body like the fat to fit Bollywood journeys which is not only from outside […]

Tiger Shroff Diet plan 2020 is Sensational | know why?

Tiger shroff diet plan is in discussion these days so what makes this man a great personality in Bollywood let’s find out. “Sabko aati nahi, meri jaati nahi” a very famous dialogue well said by one of the fittest Bollywood actors, Tiger shroff in the movie “Heropanti”. This hit movie actually changed my perspective towards […]

Vidhyut Jamwal Diet plan|Workout Exercises |Body Measurements|Fitness Tips

“Bhaiya do Samosa dena”, is way easier than asking “Bhaiya Broccoli kitne ki hai”. When it comes to fitness, we find very few examples near us who keep us reminding that health is equally important as anything in life. One of the best examples in the Bollywood industry is Vidyut Jamwal who is Luckily from […]

Inspired by USAIN BOLT? know HOW TO INCREASE STAMINA like him in no time with just 4 quick and powerful tips

Fitness is a must these days. Because technology has made everyone so lazy, that we don’t even prefer to press the power button to switch on our TVs.  Ammmmm…. Yes, it is an issue to be discussed and which is in talk these days. How to be more active and especially, how to increase stamina? […]

5 Solid reasons for going to the gym Regularly in 2020[updated]

Going to the gym regularly has always been a challenge for us and most of the people around us. It actually takes so much effort for a person who is quite lazy and inactive. Now the question is how you can prepare yourself to perform regular GYM WORKOUT ROUTINES and stick on the schedule for […]


In today’s world, as we are observing, day by day everything is going automated and we have to put very little effort into even doing our daily routine works. We often feel lazy in doing those works also. By the time if things will go like this, our body will be able to do nothing […]

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