6 Best perfumes under 2000 For men [According to women in India] 2020 list

best Perfumes under 2000 for men

Have you ever felt a little nervous before an interview, a date, a meeting or something as simple as going to a grocery shop?

No, it’s not just you but It’s your mind’s way of reacting to that realization and that shows the importance of perfume in your daily life and dress code. You want the best perfumes under 2000 for men, but this might be the last days of the month when the salary has still time to come.

So you try to find out some Best perfumes under 2000 for men bucks that don’t put stress on your pocket but at the same time make girls fall for you when you pass by.

Whether you are at a wedding, an interview, a date, a meeting, or daily events like going shopping. Irrespective of your dress code, good quality perfume is a very important element that says so many things about your character.

Group of friends [Best perfumes under 2000 for men]

Especially in India, where men sweat a lot as compared to people of other cooler places, we do need good quality perfumes.

Odors have a power of persuasion stronger than that of words, appearances, emotions, or will. The persuasive power of an odor cannot be fended off, it enters into us like breath into our lungs, it fills us up, imbues us totally. There is no remedy for it.

― Patrick SüskindPerfume: The Story of a Murderer

I was also in the same situation and it was difficult for me to search for the best perfumes under 2000. So I thought to share a post with you guys who are just looking out to have the best perfumes under 2000 for men but aren’t sure which one to buy.

Best perfumes under 2000 for men

1. Davidoff- Cool Water

Davidoff- Cool Water ( best perfumes under 2000 for men)

These hot summer days, a perfume, that can give you a cold breezing feel and that is -Davidoff cool water. A very good perfume for guys who are of cool nature like me.

Also, this perfume lasts surprisingly long and makes you feel fresh for a very long time. (I think they have magic or a secret ingredient which makes it do so).

But This fragrance is not that unique nowadays in 2020. This perfume is there in the market for a very long time now and is quite familiar with people these days.

And this perfume sets for the first place at the list of “Best perfumes under 2000 for men”.

What women say?

Women who are of some cool nature, tension-free, Stress repellent like this kind of perfumes. And especially this one because of its cool fragrance which seems to be coming from the sea directly.

I have noticed that if you wear this perfume during the sunny day, and also at sunset eve, and take her to date at that time, this perfume stands out to be perfect for you.

2. Armaf- tag him

 Armaf- tag him ( best perfumes under 2000 for men)

The very first thing I like about this perfume is that it has a very attractive bottle. A chain or a tag on which “tag-him” is written with silver letters. So attractive it looks.

And talking about the feel, you get a very confident feel because of its fruity as well as a spicy fragrance that brings compliment to you all day.

Talking about notes of the fragrance-

Top Notes: Pink Pepper, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon

Middle Notes: Ginger, Mint, Nutmeg

Base Notes: Cedar, Patchouli, Sandalwood, Vetiver

What women say?

While wearing this perfume, I was feeling very much protected as I sweat a lot while summers. And my girl no longer complained to be smelly near me.

And moreover, When I used to apply some other perfume, she used to ask about the perfume I apply either. This shows that she remember this fragrance.

And the same happened with my friend he also told me that his girl likes that fragrance.

This shows that it has a remarkable fragrance that can actually bring you compliments.

And this perfume sets for the 2nd place at the list of Best perfumes under 2000 for men”.

3. Baugsons-Artist pour Homme

 Baugsons-Artist pour Homme ( best perfumes under 2000 for men)

This perfume opens up with some citrus note and the Summer or morning perfume which can enhance your mood with the freshness of lemon on the top note.

I bought this perfume 1 year earlier because I was also searching for the Best perfumes under 2000 for men like you people and I don’t know why I bought this. But believe me, I have no regrets.

This is one of the perfumes that get out of stock swiftly. Its bottle has a very handy and cute look which I personally love but I also love the fragrance.

This perfume is suitable for day as well as night time.

You are reading ” Best perfumes under 2000 for men”.

Talking about the notes of the fragrance-

according to myntra,

Top notes: The top notes of this magnificent fragrance for men contain fresh and juicy apple, refreshing and cooling mint and zesty lemon.

Middle notes: The middle notes are quite warm, fragrant with Tonka beans, and geranium.

Base notes: The base notes are very striking with warm gourmand notes of vanilla, earthy notes of vetiver and oakmoss.

What women say?

This perfume seems to be very good when you are going for lunch and when you do have that hot warm weather outside. I loved to be in that environment with my loved one and enjoyed my lunch.

Well, I have also noticed that this perfume seems to be very attractive to teenage girls. As I used to get compliments when I used to apply it at College time.

I remember my female friends used to ask which perfume I am wearing. And this feeling of having such a fascinating fragrance on your body feels awesome.

And this perfume sets for the 3rd place at the list of Best perfumes under 2000 for men”.

4. Nautica- voyage

Nautica- voyage ( perfumes under 2000 for men)

This is included in the list of “best perfumes under 2000 for men” because of the only reason I think. And the only reason is applying this perfume takes you to the sea beach. Why? Because of its fresh and salty breeze, that carries Romnamtic scents of coastal woods and herbs. A perfume that suits you to apply during day time.

This perfume exactly suits to a romantic person. A guy obviously just like me. Hehe, Just kidding.

This perfume opens up with cold and green notes with apple. This perfume blends up with a watery note of lotus and an interesting accord of linen sail of a yacht.

If I talk about notes of the perfume

Top notes: Apple with a neutral essence along with green leaves and lotus.

Middle notes: It has mainly mimosa along with lotus mix at mid.

Base notes: It gives a sense of must, oakmoss, and Amber in the base note.

And this perfume sets for the 4th place at the list of Best perfumes under 2000 for men”.

What women say?

This is a kind of perfume which I guess every woman likes. This can bring you a hell lot of compliments. A perfume that can last pretty long.

In fact, many times girls say that you smell like a man from the sea. We have friends in our friend circle who often say that I tease them by so many fragrances to apply and I confuse them with a new fragrance every day.

This “Best perfumes under 2000 for men” list might help.

Especially girls have a greater sense of sniffing perfumes out. And they quickly sniff out this perfume whenever I ally this one.

5. Club de Nuit

This perfume stays consistent in the list of ours because my heart doesn’t allow me to exclude this one from the list at any cost. Whether it is the list of Perfumes under 3000, perfume under 5000 or any other list.

This perfume has its own beauty of fragrance. Especially, for we Indian people, this perfume must be there in our collection.

Or if you are one of some guys, who is planning to buy first perfume for yourself, or to gift the best perfume to your friend or relative and expect compliments, this is it.

Talking about the notes of this perfume,

Top notes: It has a pinch of Lemon, currant, apple, Bergamot, and pineapple.

Middle notes: In the middle, it has rose, jasmine, and Birch flavor.

Base Notes: It has Vanilla, Ambergris, Musk and Patchouli flavor at the base.

What women say?

Well, this perfume has all the fragrances that women love. Like the rose, Vanilla, Muk, Jasmine, etc. I think it is specially made for boys who date girls.

This perfume smells very friendly to girls and it seems that girls like your presence as it worked for me. This is a perfume which I Keep in my wardrobe all the time, and never let it get it out of stock at my home.

I still remember I applied this perfume on my first date and that date is memorable till now. When I remember that day, I feel refreshed and happy.

And this perfume sets for the 5th place at the list of Best perfumes under 2000 for men”.

6. United Colors of Benetton- Dreams Aim High

United Colors of Benetton- Dreams Aim high ( perfumes under 2000 for men)

This perfume is for those who are bold and quite extroverts. A perfume which is liked by both men and women and according to Fragrantica (one of the top perfume based website), It is loved by many people around the world. Remember not liked, it’s being loved.

This perfume gives you a fresh and spicy, aromatic, woody fragrance that is loved by many people. This is a perfect perfume If you are thinking to attend a wedding function or a party.

An Engaging perfume, that makes you stand out from the crowd, and I personally love this one.

Moreover, this counts to be in one of the best perfumes UCB has launched and is also known as the scent of male sensuality.

Talking about the notes of this perfume,

Top notes: It opens up with a flavor of bitter orange and some Grapefruit. It also gives a pinch of lemon touch in the fragrance.

Middle notes: On the middle side, it gives a flavor of mint, sage, and nutmeg.

Base notes: It gives a sense of patchouli, vetiver, and Amber in the base note.

What women say?

Well, talking about women’s side, they actually like a man with a dominating, bold character. This perfume is for those who actually like to dominate as well as have a king heart this can a perfume for you.

If you have a character like Tom Cruise or you are a very confident and dashing personality, you will exactly match its ingredients. It gets counted in moderate perfume chich van last you quite long. That means 8-12 hours.

This gets a compliment from girls around you for all-day if you apply it during office or girls in college.

I often apply it when I have to host a seminar or a live session. This seems very interesting that people find you attractive during you conduct a speech and at the same time show your dominance with your fragrance as well.

So, this was the list of the best perfumes under 2000 for men In India. I hope you guys liked this and It was helpful though to make your choices more precise and non-regretting.

So, Don’t forget to share this “best perfumes under 2000 for men” list with your friends and help them smell good as well.

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6 Best perfumes under 2000 For men [According to women in India] 2020 list
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