The Best makeup artist in Jammu 2020 | Know why SANA CHOUHAN is the one

sana chouhan makeup and beauty

The Best makeup artist in Jammu 2020 | Know why SANA CHOUHAN is the one

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best makeup artist in jammu

Wahh ghr main Ek Aur Shaadi and preparations are on which is exciting everybody in the family. Lots and lots of work are there and everybody is busy with their stuff. “DJ wale babu” has been called and this makes the excitement doubled. Chlo shopping bhi ho gyi, a new dress, new heels, ohhhh…. makeup wo to bhul hi gyi, ab kya? Now I need to search for the best makeup artist in Jammu. yrrrr….such a difficult task, Jammu main kon hoga……. pr dhundna bhi pdega, after all, I need to look the best.

Is this the situation you too are in? Some days back I was too stuck in the same situation. Bs phir kya, I held my lamp and started my search for the best makeup artist in Jammu city.

It was a bit difficult. But after some course of time, I found a young artist Sana Chouhan from Jammu herself having a brand named SANA CHOUHAN MAKEUP AND BEAUTY and undoubtedly, she is the best makeup artist in Jammu. It was not because of her lower prices than the others that I chose her but because her work is phenomenal. Her working team is a great element to talk about. The supportive nature of the team members steals the heart.

Well, Why I am saying this?????????? Let’s find out from the story behind.

I was in an actual struggle with a question, “ natural wala makeup krvayen Kahan se??” Finding the right answer to this question wastes hell lot of time and listening to “Chachi Ji” or “buua ji’s” advice is really annoying. After, searching a lot on google, here I found a person near CHANNI HIMMAT who really changed mine perspective of makeup. After seeing her work I have no doubt in saying that she is, in reality, the best makeup artist in Jammu.

best makeup artist in jammu: sana chouhan makeup and beauty

During my first meeting with her, she told me that her perspective is not money-making, she wants to change the makeup game in Jammu and wants to create a revolution. These lines of her fascinated me a lot. This thing actually impressed me that being a makeup artist she is having such revolutionary thinking, as most of the makeup artists enter this glamourous field with the idea of generating huge remuneration.

Why Sana Chouhan is the best makeup artist in Jammu than others?

The fact that she is so young yet she has such a great knowledge of the makeup world makes her be the best. Apart from all this, she has got an experience to work with the renowned makeup artists of India. while having a chit chat with her I came to know that she had been loving makeup since her childhood. But her professional career started during her MBA. She went to learn the stuff in a lot of workshops out of Jammu.

Not only this, but she has also traveled with other artists to cities like Delhi, Bangalore, etc to know how they work, and has completed her internship from famous makeup artists including ATUL CHOUHAN, MEERA SAKHRANI, SAMAIRA SANDHU.

She believes in changing the traditional and confined approach to the makeup of makeup artists in Jammu. She believes in bringing up more customer-friendly and human-friendly. Making people look artificial is what she can’t tolerate. Her main aim is to enhance the beauty of the customer by analyzing the dress, accessories or jewelry and then apply makeup as per the heat of demand.

What services does she offer?

she offers each service from head to toe and can be briefly considered under:


straight gloss


 best makeup artist in jammu

Hair is the most neglected part of our body. It has to face dirt, oil, pollution, and harmful chemicals. pampering your hair is what she offers with her services including HAIRCUTS, STYLING, COLOR, TEXTURE ENHANCEMENT {smoothening, keratin, straight gloss, cystin}


Being the best makeup artist in Jammu, she offers a wide variety in makeup categories, either it is a casual get-together or a little birthday party, a formal event or the wedding functions. She shows her talent by giving you all the different functional looks on engagement, cocktail, bridal, reception and other wedding ceremonies.


Beauty with elegance is what everyone in the 2020s believes. Talking about beauty, she provides the customers with an option of facial, bleach, waxing, threading, pedicure and manicure to enhance the inner self of the one.


  • Apart from being such a phenomenal artist, she is a down to earth personality.
  • She herself teaches her staff before actually allowing them to work.
  • She travels a lot to explore the workshops for the celebrity makeup artist to go with the trend.
  • She had a great sense of creating a natural yet beautiful look.
  • She doesn’t focus on too many customers at one time, instead, she works with just one or two customers at once.
  • She pampers her customers and looks for their comfortability and suitability.

What prices does she have?

Yes, the most important question is this. What does the service cost? Is this in my budget ya Phir puri jama punji chli jayegi or I could just dream about it? Well, hang on guys ….

You will definitely amazed to know that she in actual offers approximately 30% fewer rates than the market. Heyyyy.. don’t think that she has lower rates because she wants to gather more audience instead she wants to involve each sector as she believes in the fact “SUNDARATA SBKA HAK HAI”. Moreover, her idea is not to make money she justs focuses on pursuing her passion.

Does SANA CHOUHAN travel for projects?


Yeh to suna hi Hoga, ” Kisi cheez ko shidat se chaho to puri kayenaat tumhe us se milane main lag jati hai. {I know zada hi filmy ho gya pr koi nhi} To bs, there is one more good news for you all. Sana Chouhan do travel for clients. Either it is north, south, east or west she is always there to make you beautiful.

Having such a great experience at such a young age is really unique. Great sense of blending makeup completely within the skin, her talent of using unique colors to enhance beauty, different and modernized techniques of applying makeup is the reason behind considering SANA CHOUHAN to be the best makeup artist in Jammu. I am personally advising you all to visit and experience the luxury of her work. so, all the lovely ladies till that STAY BEAUTIFUL.


For queries, call or message at 7006430700, 9070200100


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ADDRESS:  2nd floor Skoda Showroom building- NH-1A CHANNI HIGHWAY, Jammu Cantonment, Jammu and Kashmir 180015 { the location is at the highway for the convenience of the bride so that they don’t get stuck in traffic in busy and conjusted roads}


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