Magical hands of the best makeup artist in Delhi – Parul Garg can make you feel like a queen

Magical hands of the best makeup artist in Delhi – Parul Garg can make you feel like a queen

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Bachpan se hi har ldki ka spna hota hai ki ek din uske sapno ka rajkumar ayega aur dhoom dhaam se, barat ke sath usko doli me le jayega.

Aur Delhi ki Shaadi, what to tell, that lavish bridal entry of the sizzling pataka bride, with all eyes set on her and obviously glitters all around. Delhi is known for the most amazing range of dhamakedar bridal outfits and jewelry. But in terms of makeup, especially on the d day, you cannot rely on anyone. and this creates the real hustle of finding the best makeup artist in Delhi.

Uff…………….. how to decide, a lot of advice but whom to trust? Bua g ki sunu ya best friend ki? you must be confused in this. As with the right makeup, you could rule the whole glam night and no bride wants to look nothing but just ok at her wedding. With same kind of confusion, once scrolling down through Instagram, we came to know about an amazing best makeup artist in Delhi and she was Parul Garg.


bride by the best makeup artist in Delhi, parul garg

The time of 2005, when makeup artistry was not considered as the full-fledged career, this girl named, PARUL GARG, took a step in her life towards the journey that would one day make her the best makeup artist in Delhi, by quitting her study and practice as a lawyer against the permission of her parents. things were blurred, all seem to be dark as she was moving alone in this, but her childhood crush for makeup and the art made her to never step back.

Parul, in her initial days of the career, used to doll up her friends, neighbors, and some of the close relatives in front of a small dressing table which was her salon at that time. Also, she started as a freelancer to gain some experience in the field and to manage the clients before entering into the makeup game professionally. later, she started her own makeup hub and successfully, runs an academy where she trains a lot of students about the same.


bride by the best makeup artist in Delhi, parul garg

Parul Garg is the best makeup artist in Delhi who has been in the field for more than 15 years now. But, her work is not that all old school, she moves with the upcoming trends all the time. The vision of dolling up her clients by enhancing their natural features is what makes her the best. She goes far beyond her limits in order to give the best experience to her clients.


It’s sure that no one would ask for her experience if you came to know that she has worked with more than 3000 brides by far in her journey. Her experience of 15 years reflects through her work. She has been a pro in Airbrushing for which she got training from the globally accepted TEMPTU and has got professional pieces of training from the famous Hollywood makeup artists and very well known other veterans to have a spark in her passion. along with her sense of makeup, these trainings are the reason for her to be the best makeup artist in Delhi.

But, Parul is of the strong thought of not collaborating with any of the other artistry as it would restrict her uniqueness and the way of work.


bride by the best makeup artist in Delhi, parul garg

We are sure that you must be thinking about the same question now, ” FOR WHAT SHE IS KNOWN FOR”, or “WHAT SERVICES DO THE BEST MAKEUP ARTIST DELHI OFFERS?”.

For giving the most luxurious experience to her clients, she and her trainees use amazing brands like Dior, Mac, bobby brown, Temptu, NARS, and a lot more professional brands. She is mostly known for her work in terms of Air Brushing and it is her work that speaks for her. She along with her team would work like wonders for you.


bride by the best makeup artist in Delhi, parul garg

What should we all expect from an artist being considered as the best makeup artist in Delhi? Obviously, she should be a boon to her customer knowing all types of makeup and especially, a bridal expert has to give the best to her to be bride as all this is what a bride demands, to look her best on her d day. Parul does not believe in giving her brides a cakey look or being dolled up under the layers of the foundation, she with her makeup wants to enhance the beauty of her clients by highlighting her feature more prominently in a flawless way.

Either it is a Normal party, Engagement, Cocktail, Special Occasion, Sagan, Mehandi, Bridal, or the Reception look, she has all the makeup artist services in Airbrush and HD. Her airbrush bridal work speaks for her Talent. Not only this, but she is also a leading lady for models for fashion, editorial, ramp, media, TV.


hairstyle by the best makeup artist in Delhi, parul garg

Even if, you are carrying the right makeup on your face, but if the hair is not up to the mark, its obvious that all the aunties at the party, would not consider you as a glam at the party and yes, who not wants to the glamour among them. So, what if in the combination of amazing makeup, you can also rock your swag with the wow hairstyle.

The hairstyle artists of her team work wonder in terms of giving you completely transformed hairstyle, either be it a bun, curls, straight, or an updo depending upon the type of makeup and the occasion and if you are a bride, there should not be any second thought to it.


draping dupatta by the best makeup artist in Delhi, parul garg

We cannot say much, but the biggest challenge for a bride is for sure, the outfit, and too correctly draped outfits. Well, she cannot afford to drape an outfit wrongly, when all the eyes are on her. Being a pro in dealing with more than 3000+ brides in her career, she knows well how to drape an outfit for her to make her appearance similar to a queen.


Eyes and the lashes add up a lot to your look. A perfect lash is what every dramatic modern eye demands. And obviously, this coolest best makeup artist in Delhi, Parul Garg, has been a pro in giving you a fab look with the sense of lashes. for an oo la la look, avail the service from her and the talented team of hers.


hair extensions


Many among you would be thinking why we have specifically mentioned about hair extensions? Anyone could do that easily? But it is far too contrary to what it seems. But Parul, the best makeup artist in Delhi has mastered this art, making it look all-natural and would cover each detail, either be the desired length or be the matching color of the hair.

Also, she has a great sense in judging, if you need any accessory for grabbing attention towards your hair and here you can find all matching accessories depending upon your style and your outfit.


It’s not just about coming to a salon on your wedding day and you think, you will rock your look, as every wedding day comes with a lot of huss and buss along with stress, being reflected on your skin, you need not to visit different salons or artists as the best makeup artist in Delhi, Parul Garg, also holds the expertise in pre bridal care of your skin, to stop your worries about your day.


Nail extensions and changing nail art or color have got great hype in recent years. Her team is expert for nail art, acrylic nails, gel nails, 3D nail art, nail strengthening , and can give you a complete nail care.


At the studio, the signature,

  • Parul Garg bridal makeup: Rs. 30,000
  • occasion makeup: Rs. 20,000
  • signature occasion makeup: Rs. 25,000
  • venue charges: Rs. 50,000 (DELHI, NCR)
  • venue charges: Rs.75,000 (outstations)

Parul Garg has got everything that one’s criteria would be of the best makeup artist in Delhi or all over India, she has got a number of appreciation tokens as awards by the famous Bollywood celebrities like Malika Arora, Amisha Patel. But, the real charm about her is for sure the work that speaks for her’s dedication towards her passion. As a complete bundle of knowledge about makeup and the techniques she had made her clients look regal and would continue doing so.

so, this was our view about her work,do visit her salon once to experience the meaning of the word satisfaction.

for more queries, you can visit her online at:

Instagram: @ parulgargmakeup

facebook: @parulgarg


Call or whatsapp at: +91 9599588312

or walk in at Next to Power Grid Township Gate
Sushant Lok 1, Sector 43, Gurgaon


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