Hunting for the best jobs In India 2020? Hurry, Apply in these sectors today!

best jobs In India 2020

Hunting for the best jobs In India 2020? Hurry, Apply in these sectors today!

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 jobs In India

There are many men out there who are searching for jobs but get nothing in their hands. This could be an Article that you might be searching for so long and this would definitely tell you about the best jobs In India for men (men profession) In India 2020.

The world is in the 2020’s now, where people have a hell lot of opportunities and this is one of the main problems. Yes, people come up with the problem nowadays that they have so many opportunities and among that they can’t decide what to choose for their career or profession. We actually stick into a dilemma about what we should pursue so as to make ourselves financially free and fulfill our all dreams which we always show to ourselves.

But when you get worries, Menzzbeinggentle is always here to help you out. So here we are back with a list of best jobs In India and with every profession, I will tell you a bonus tip related to each profession.

So let’s just start with the discussion and here we go:

First of all, before hitting up towards the jobs list, one must be clear about a major question that he will ask himself and that is

Do you want the best jobs In India that is a burden to you and all you want is money?

 Or you want a job or a profession which really makes you feel happy while you do it and you earn a moderate salary of benefit?

We just not want you to provide you the list of the jobs which you want but also what approach you must have before you seek a job that will probably decide your future life. So before selecting a job for yourself, just make it very clear either you want this to enjoy your life or all you want is money?

You have got one life dude, just live to the fullest in every moment. Always choose a profession that you really want to do. Then it will not be work for you. And your life will be worth living.

How to choose a profession for yourself?

According to a stat, 90% of people choose their jobs and profession in which they are least interested. Which leads to mental stress and unpleasantness in relationships. This is one of the biggest decisions in your life which you take.

Living in India and finding a job these days is really a task like climbing a big mountain. As the population is growing it is not easy to fit yourself in a profession which you like and you get a salary package of your choice as well. But friend, after making yourself that capable, you can actually achieve whatsoever in your life.

So now, let’s dig into how to choose a profession for you and then focus to find out what are the best possible outcomes for the profession after being graduated or early so as to be able to bang for the best jobs in India.

Marketing and sales manager:

the best jobs In India 2020

Nowadays this Job profession is on the growing peak at this time India and is considered among the best jobs in India. This is a job for those who always been social, and have a knowledge of the market quite well. Because a business mostly depends on sales and thus you need to have a piece of sufficient knowledge about this stream.

For being in this profession, you can actually need

  • BBA/bachelors of statistics, Mathematics/ MBA(high priority)
  • Marketing and Sales experience.
  •  Good communication skills
  • Business skills
  • Good people skills
  • Presenting skills

Estimated Salary offered:

Estimated Salary for a Sales and marketing professional: It totally depends on you how you can make it, although for a fresher in India it can go from minimum

  •  40-50 thousand per month (fresher)
  • 1-2 lac per month (Intermediate)
  • lac per month (Experienced)

Human resources manager:

the best jobs In India 2020

This is again such a profession that is continuously increasing in India. This could be a good choice of yours if you searching hell out of the best jobs in India because once you choose this, you have plenty of scopes to work. It is because of the growing population of India. This is actually very important for a business or a corporate to have a Human resource manager for their continuous growth.

It is an industry which has a wide range of scope in the an industry there are technical people who know only the technical work and can work only at that place. But a Human resource manager is a person who can manage people of any industry. This implies you have a hell lot of opportunities.

 If you become an expert in this, you can demand a high package salary. But for this you need:

BBA and MBA in HR

Practical knowledge about Human resource management and People skills

Software developer: One of the best jobs in India

the best jobs In India 2020

This can be a really great profession if you are at a Tech side, here is the best profession for you, so that you will be enjoying your life with computers and fascinating new technologies.

They create an application or systems that run on a computer or another device.

To be a software developer, you must have a good hand in computers and its languages.

For being in this profession, you need

  1. Bachelors in computer sciences
  2. Masters in computer sciences
  3. Good knowledge about computer languages
  4. Practical knowledge about programs

The salary you can be offered:

  • 20-40 thousand per month (beginner)
  • 40-70 thousand per month (Intermediate)
  • 70 thousand- 1.5 lac (expert)

SEO expert: One of the best jobs in India

the best jobs In India 2020

Now, this is something in which I am. This is the best suitable work for me because I always wanted to do something which no one had ever done in my family. This was very adventurous for me as I listened to my heart for my career and did what I liked from the very beginning. This was quite risky as well but what you do in this profession is you have an intention to help people who are in search of the information that you are providing.

This is a profession in which you can’t decide in a year that this career is for you or not. I could surely say that this the best jobs in India, actually not only in India but all over the globe.

So now let me explain what an SEO expert is. Before we jump into SEO, let us know why this is important? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Basically, when you write content or you launch a product, you need to rank it on Google’s first page and the first link. It is because everyone prefers to click the first link. This is a sort of Algorithm on which Google works. And after all, it helps people to reach you faster. Every company needs this because each of the needs to be ranked on the first page.

A person who does this for a company and writes an SEO optimized content is known as an SEO expert, the best job in India.


  • 30 thousand (beginner)
  • 50 thousand (intermediate)
  • 1 lac and above (Expert)

This in the future, in fact, has a large scope because more population will be shifting on the internet.

Actor: One of the best professions in India

the best jobs In India 2020

Every day, thousands of new people think to become an actor just because it has both a good name and fame + lots of money. Bollywood Industry is a huge industry, in fact, India is a country where movies are in the blood of every individual living here.

Bollywood is the only industry in the world where most films are produced in a year. These require many of the actors too. And if you too are thinking to become an actor and it is your hobby or passion to chase the acting line, you can also be one.

There is no formal education required to become an actor but a bachelor’s degree in theatre acts. Bachelor’s degree in acting or drama.

You must have some experience in playing roles and master creativity in acting, memorization, stamina, discipline and hard work. Also, the ability to communicate with many people.


  • 10-25 thousand for local dramas and acts or stage shows as per your talent.
  • 40-50 thousand for mid-class acts and serials as per your talent and experience.
  • 70 thousand – 1 crore for leading films and acts or serials.

Cricket player: One of the best profession in India

After Bollywood, Cricket is the most popular activity that people love in India. You can choose to be a cricketer in India only if you have a natural talent in any of the activities in cricket or you have a really good interest in that.

Life of a cricketer is one of the best life you can live while on this planet but there are a lot of sacrifices that like studying, distance yourself from family and all.

It requires lots of hard work, and also lots of patience. If one is, ready to sacrifice his education, all other distractions and you’ll have to train yourself to tolerate pressure when you are under the spot that is when the match is on.

For being in this profession, you need:

  1. You should be played at least Regional level for performing in Ranji Trophies
  2. You should have a good resume on the basis of cricket playing and good performance certificates.

Salary prospects:

If you take your career really seriously. And develop yourself till you become extraordinary in your play, you can do really well in this, in case you have cricket as yours absolute and the only passion.

If you play at local level games, you can get 40- 50 thousand per month.

And if you take it to another level, you can even get selected for state championships and can impress the selectors with your hard practice and extraordinary performance and can charge 1 lac- 1.5lac per month.

And if your dedication continues, and you can be selected for India as per your performance is extraordinary. Once you get selected for team India, BCCI pays 1 crore to each player and other money you can make by promotions. 

Lawyer: One of the best jobs in India

the best jobs In India 2020

In India, if you are a lawyer, people will see you in a good sense and you will be respected all over your families. The lawyer is a profession that has a sort of respect and pride, which can make you feel good.

 If you are a person who always has been truthful to your nation and always believes in justice, this could be your profession in which you can take yourself. This could be really adventurous how you solve cases and become a hero.

Moreover, this profession also has a sense of responsibility for the nation and to always support the truth. 

Also, justice has been so important for a nation like India because it supports democracy and it also has a past related to it. We had many Lawyers who supported us at the time of Independence and because of them, India has no right to be called Independent.

And fortunately, in this profession, you can go for passion and for money too. Although money should not be prospective to choose this field, in fact, any field but in the end money is important too. So this could be your career with a good amount of salary in the future.

Salary prospects:

For a lawyer basically there are many ways to earn money which depends if you are having a good image and work or not. Your career also depends on how you handle a case and what is the ratio you have been winning for cases you fought.

Lawyers are often hired for advising, or counseling cases of their clients such as drafting wills, conflicts for a piece of land, divorce, the relation between parents, and other matters.

15-20 thousand (per case for civil or divorce lawyer)

25-40 thousand (per case for a criminal lawyer or corporate lawyer)

Doctor: One of the best jobs in India

the best jobs In India 2020

I still remember when I used to be in school, most of the students used to say we want to become a doctor. And the irony is very few really became. I mean, in India, the doctor is a profession which is actually very competitive because there are lots and lots of doctors in our society.

Although, the doctor is a profession in which a lot of scopes seem to be. Because as time is moving forward, people are growing technology dependent. Which is making then to not move their bodies quite efficiently. People avoid to perform physical activities like gym and playing which is increasing the need for doctors in society.

Hence the need for doctors is not going to decrease which will be good news in fact for people who want to pursue the medical profession. But you should keep in mind that being in a good profession requires a good bunch of knowledge in your field. So, for being an absolute good doctor, you must be having enough sort of knowledge and then, of course, a good experience for treating your patients.

For being in this profession, you need

  1. A good rank in NEET, ( after 12th examination, in case you have done your 12th in the medical field)
  2. A basic MBBS degree, 5 and half-year

Your rank in NEET examination decides which college you will get and after you complete MBBS, you can be a surgeon and are ready to get a job on the basis of your experience and knowledge.  

Pharmacist: One of the best jobs in India

jobs in india

A pharmacist provides correct and he is a link between the physician and the patient. The pharmacist has almost all types of medicines that a patient can need and he stores all medicines to supply them to patients for their wellbeing.

Can you imagine if you are suffering from severe cold and you are not getting medicine anywhere? Not in a shop or any store. Life will be tough, right? This is what a pharmacist does. He provides you with every medicine you need and a physician tells you the use of the respective medicine.

How to be a pharmacist?

For being a pharmacist, you actually need to study courses for pharmacy. You need to pursue

  1. Diploma in pharmacy
  2. Degree in pharmacy
  3. Masters in pharmacy

And then you are eligible to make pharmacy a real career and it can get you better paid also. But it depends on how you have fed your brain with knowledge and experience.   

You can be paid on different aspects of your knowledge.

You can have your own clinic where you can handle your patients and cure them.

  • A pharmacist can charge initially 30-40 thousand
  • And when your business grows, you can earn 50-80 thousand at extreme end
  • you can earn up to 1 lac and more. 

Physician: one of the best jobs in India

Physicians are also kind of doctors, who offer non-surgical health care to patients. They act like healers to the patients and local people consider this profession as the best jobs in India. Basically, they monitor the patient’s health until is solved or stable. They also educate patients on medical illnesses and how to cure them.

They also recommend the patients for the steps they should take during any disease or illness.

For becoming a good physician, you should, of course, have good information on this field, but also a good way to treat patients so that it will make them trust you. A patient who overcome any illness, and it is because of any physician or doctor, can be a blessing. And it makes you feel very honorable. Solving someone’s problem is the biggest work you can do.

How you can become a physician?

  1. You must clear the NEET examination and rank good in it.
  2. After clearing NEET, you can pursue MBBS.
  3. Clear NBE common entrance exam
  4. Then you are eligible to enroll in DNB program

Then you can be employed in

  • Government hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Private clinic
  • Armed forces

Payscale for a Physician:

As a physician can be employed in various categories, hence pay scale also varies accordingly. If you are:

  • A Fresher you can earn 40-50 thousand per month which totally varies, and depends on which field you choose.
  • An intermediate, you can charge from 50 thousand up to 80 thousand per month.
  • An Expert you can charge above 1 lac per month.


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