“I Started My Struggle at 15”-Gautam Prasher|Awesome Celebrity makeup artist in Jammu 2020

Gautam Prasher - Awesome Celebrity makeup artist in Jammu

“I Started My Struggle at 15”-Gautam Prasher|Awesome Celebrity makeup artist in Jammu 2020

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Sapne wo nhi jo hum band ankh se dekhte hai, Sapne to wo hai jo hame raaton ko sone Nhi dete“. With these thoughts in mind and fire in eyes, a small-town boy Gautam Prasher Bali has turned the fortune and made it to be the bridal expert and the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu and Kashmir.

Every girl dreams of her wedding day. The hustle for finding the venue, queenly outfit, royal jewelry is the true challenge. But attaining that pataka look is the most difficult one. Pr ab nhi…… especially for the Jammu brides. They all know ki agar bridal makeup Kisi se krwana ho to, there is no other great choice than the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu, Gautam Prasher Bali, being called as the bridal expert by the brides themselves.

About the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu:

Dreaming about being a makeup expert and fulfilling that too is not easy at all. Many would think that just proper training and guidance would be enough but thats not true. In fact, his life was full of ups and downs. From far, everything seems to be like a dream life, but the struggle and dedication he put in is known to few. so, let’s seek to peek into his life and know more about his dedicated journey to be the bridal expert and the celebrity makeup artist in Jammu and Kashmir…


best celebrity makeup artist in jammu ; GAUTAM PRASHER BALI

A creative school kid who was a gem in terms of talent when it comes to the cultural activities either it is about being a graceful dancer, or an artistic painter, a beautiful singer, or a creative writer, this small-town boy has always rocked and had topped the chart. Also, with time his love for art grew up and became his unstoppable passion.

His life story seems to be a blockbuster Bollywood movie where he is from a small family and had always dreamt of having good exposure and facilities. As a beginner in the glamour world, he got half of the skills as a gift from almighty, and the rest, he learned the makeup skills from fashion and glamour magazines available to him. His models were his sisters and after noticing even the minute details in the posters and magazines, he tried that on his sisters. His consideration of face as a canvas makes him paint as beautifully as he could.

This thing might not astonish you that like any other person, his father too asked him to become an engineer because of his good artistic skills. But how could he leave his passion like this? NAI BNNA HAI KYA?‘ …… yes, these were the exact words of his grandparents when he told his family that he had been loving makeup since his childhood days and want to become a professional celebrity makeup artist in Jammu.

Kudos to his stubborn nature that he fought for himself and pursued what he wanted and now has been an inspiration to many. Against his dedication and hard work, no one in his family and from society could stand to make him doubt his passion. And what happened next is known by all.


best celebrity makeup artist in jammu ; GAUTAM PRASHER BALI

The journey of becoming the dream makeup artist of every bride on her D DAY actually had its start during his school days. Being the makeup artist for the girls participating during the republic day festival of his school enriched his love in the field. Sharing his memories, it would be great to tell you that he got his first income when he was in the 9th standard by applying henna on the hands of the ladies of the neighborhood on the eve of Karvah Chauth and was highly appreciated. This gave a tremendous push to his aspiration.

Nevertheless, the real challenge was when he had to left his home for the ambition that he once dreamt of. Hurdles come on every path but to overcome those is the real task. A turning point came to his journey afterward, as he went to the city of fashion, Mumbai. In the charm of the city lights and glamourous world, he learned a lot with experience and worked with many celebrities. And now, who don’t know the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu and Kashmir is?


best celebrity makeup artist in jammu ; GAUTAM PRASHER BALI with SANA DUA

In a world where every teenager loves to explore, have fun, and enjoy his life to the fullest, there was a 15-year-old boy who because of the not so welcoming financial conditions had to help his family by applying henna on the hand of brides just to have some money. It was in 2007 when he started working as a freelancer in Rajouri i.e. his home town. Traveling across the town for makeup and henna designing became common for him to get money to help his family.

Having an experience of 3 years as a freelancer, he started to come to VLCC Gandhi Nagar, Jammu all the way from Rajouri to be that extra hand during the wedding season. But the tables got a turn after he went to the city of lights and glamour, MUMBAI in 2010. There, he had a makeup updating course for a short span of 1 month from ‘BHARAT AND DORRIS‘.

2012 was the time when his fortune got the change. From just being a helping hand, he was appointed as the professional makeup artist. It must be possible that he could stop learning and enjoy what he has got but that would not complete his dream of becoming the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu and Kashmir…. so, he didn’t stop instead he went to DUBAI VLCC for learning more professional pieces of training in SPMU i.e. semi-permanent makeup and different categories of makeup.

best celebrity makeup artist in jammu ; GAUTAM PRASHER BALI with HUMA QURESHI

His success journey didn’t stop here, he got associated with the dream of many artists BLENDER’S PRIDE INTERNATIONAL FASHION and KINGFISHER FASHION WEEK. Astonished????? Not only this, but he also had traveled with them being in the senior makeup artist team. This talented man has been the makeup specialist of many Bollywood pages 3 celebs. The list for benchmarks didn’t end here, he, got affiliation of being the ‘BEST EXECUTING MAKEUP ARTIST OF NORTH ‘.

Meanwhile, Gautam thought of taking a break for a while. After this, he came back to the field as a freelancer trainer, and this time he is not gonna stop working to achieve his goal of being the bridal experts and to be the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu. This time, he worked with many of the freelancer trainees. With time, people’s approach towards him and his makeup got changed, besides he was asked to go to many makeup events as a special guest.

This must recognition and love was not all to keep him away from his second home “VLCC”. As there, they provide all kinds of international level training about all new trends and changing techniques and technologies for every artist, he got a comeback to VLCC as a cooperate makeup expert and traveled domestically as well as internationally to a number of countries for destination weddings.

best celebrity makeup artist in jammu ; GAUTAM PRASHER BALI

He believes in analyzing his own work and improving the work with each passing day because the real challenge is one’s own improvement. This was the biggest reason behind his recognition as the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu. His ambition and passion trigger him to learn from every international artist he meets to be with the ever-increasing trends.


best celebrity makeup artist in jammu ; GAUTAM PRASHER BALI

With the belief of providing quality services to his clients, he puts his heart in every project. The main highlight among the services provided is for sure his unforgettable interaction with his clients with the aim of providing the quality experience to them. The products from brands like MAC, HUDA BEAUTY, MORPHE, KAT VON D, INGOT, etc which are a pioneer when it comes to makeup products adds to the charm in his quality work.

The services offered by him covers almost every section including:


best celebrity makeup artist in jammu

The very first thing a person notices in someone is for sure the charm on the face. It is very well quoted, “Your makeup should never proceed you, but walk with you”. And Gautam believes that makeup is not a layer of foundation that makes you look like a painted doll, instead, makes you what you are. Moreover, with the ability to enhance one’s own self, he can offer any sort of makeup. Either it is regular, HD, airbrush, party, friends, or family makeup, you can avail of any of the unforgettable experiencing services from this talent hunk of Jammu.

The work will always be bang on and is definitely going to add an inner glow on your smiling face. Even Bollywood celebrities have always believed in his work and they too believe that he is the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu and Kashmir.


HAIRSTLES by best celebrity makeup artist in jammu ; GAUTAM PRASHER BALI

“You are looking gorgeous and the hair is just perfect”, yes, definitely all the aunties and your friends gonna compliment you in such a manner. This celebrity makeup artist in Jammu knows all the modern-day and classic hairstyles to doll up his beautiful clients, especially the brides. The twist and turns in a bride’s hair would make her remember each and every moment of the best day of her life.

Hair extensions:

hair extension by best celebrity makeup artist in jammu


Many among you would be thinking why we have specifically mentioned about hair extensions? Anyone could do that easily? But it is far too contrary to what it seems. But Gautam, the celebrity makeup artist in Jammu has mastered this art, making it look all-natural and would cover each detail, either be the desired length or be the matching color of the hair.


eye lashes by the best celebrity makeup artist in jammu

Eyes and the lashes add up a lot to your look. A perfect lash is what every dramatic eye demands. And obviously, this coolest celebrity makeup artist in Jammu has been a pro in giving you a fab look with the sense of lashes. for an oo la la look, avail his service.


best celebrity makeup artist in jammu

Whether the dupatta should be at the top or should it be at the shoulder? Is this saree draped gracefully? We are sure all the brides must have tremendous pressure and confusion on their special day, but ladies wait……….. Take a deep breath and relax……… no need to fuzz when you have Gautam as your guide.


Awards are not the depiction of ability and the same he thinks. This doesn’t mean that he has not been awarded and facilitated for his work. For his approach of makeup and revolution in the field, he got the appreciation as MAGIC HANDS AWARDS INDIA 2019. In addition to this, he got the tag of being THE BEST EXECUTING MAKEUP ARTIST OF THE NORTH during the fashion weeks. Also, he has been designated as the BEST CELEBRITY MAKEUP ARTIST IN JAMMU AND KASHMIR.

Actually, Awards don’t matter to him as he has got many calls regarding awards to be sold for money. But butterflies fly in his stomach and a feeling of being out of the world comes when he is regarded as a BRIDAL EXPERT by the local brides too. He has brought smiles on the face of his brides who dream of being the best on their special day for years. Referrals from the brides make him feel successful and push him to do more.

You must be thinking that this celebrity makeup artist in Jammu must be charging a lot from his brides if he has too much talent and an eminently recognized bridal expert but that’s not a complete truth. But to your surprise, this man has the heart of a diamond. A very few people know that he has a soft corner for the brides who are living below the poverty line and could not afford such an expense. In fact, he believes that everyone has a right to be beautiful and money can never be a hindrance in between. True to say that this man is in the real sense a gem.

You can catch the best celebrity makeup artist in Jammu and Kashmir, ‘GAUTAM PRASHER BALI’ online at:



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