Best brief study about Kathua RAPE CASE | THE MYSTERY YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF

Best brief study about Kathua RAPE CASE | THE MYSTERY YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF

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Well, people of Jammu used to think it is a better place for girls to live in because it has least number of rape cases in India according to a study. But guys, unfortunately we’ll not be able to say it more often. Now let me give you full brief detail about Kathua RAPE CASE and THE MYSTERY YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF. so lets get started.

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Is now Jammu a safer place to live now ? Is it now safe to roam outside our homes after 7 pm in Jammu also?

Finally there is a big success for Jammu and kashmir crime branch as six people are finally convicted for the rape and murder case of a girl of Eight- year- old girl.

It is a very shameful thing to have people among us living in our society who are having minds full of lust and mercilessness.

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Kathua rape case just shook the whole nation and every heart of a true Indian. If I talk personally, It made me shiver inside out when I heard this news.It is so difficult to believe someone, seeing the today’s scenario. If you want to know the rape cases scenario in todays India, click here.

And there are these type of people who are making us to question humanity these days.

Not let me show you the full detail about KATHUA RAPE CASE and at the end we’ll conclude some reasons why these things are happening, what is the root cause of this and what an be done to make people to control this thing in future .

so guys lets have a look in brief.


How the case started?:

A girl having age eight years belonging to bakarwal tribes goes missing on 10th Jan 2018 while gazing cattle living in Rasana village of district Kathua.

Victims’s father reported an FIR in Hiranagar police station for missing of the girl child on 12th of Jan 2019. And on January 17 2018 dead body of the girl was founded.

After the body was sent for postmortem , it was claimed that she was gang raped and murdered.

Investigation of Kathua rape case:

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The case was handed over to Jammu and kashmir crime branch. Right wing group and hindu Ekta munch raised their voices against this criminal offense on 16 Feb 2018.

After a fine investigation, nephew of caretaker of “devisthan” temple was arrested in a crime of having a connection with kidnapping and rape.

This case was tried to give a religion. It came to hear that the girl was raped near temple by some Muslims. Which was totally wrong and was a rumor created by the people and was proved wrong afterwards.

innocent girl black and white

Here we also see a political end of the case where two ministers, one of BJP and other of PDP ruling the state with coalition with each other.

They took part in the rally organized by hindu Ekta munch after arresting the nephew mentioned above.

And now the trail has concluded and finally convicted the six criminals.

Now the mother of the victim is demanding for criminals to be hung and not less than this. And I personally think the same. This crime should not be recede and should have punishment fatal than death.

ROOT CAUSE OF THE PROBLEM (Kathua rape case):

A person acts like he thinks. You cannot do anything without thinking. Your thinking decides which actions you prefer to take and how you react.

roots and women animated

My point is there is a very big problem with mentality of people. You must have listened in songs or seen Bollywood movies that women or girl is compared with things, like flower, like wine, like chilly tandoori any many more things.

Here we consider women every thing but we forget to consider her women. There is a strong need to educate people that women is not a THING which you can compare to any other thing. With having a Vagina, she also has a heart. Let her speak out too.

women and tears

Why we always have a mentality that a girl should be inside her house before its dark. Why should not boys can be freely moving in streets even at 12 pm ? We men should be understanding this thing very clearly. WOMEN ARE NOT TOYS TO PLAY WITH. They are normal human beings. Don’t compare them with things they too are humans. Just having different structure and different sexual reproductive organs doesn’t make them others from men.

Some also think that girls who wear short dresses are usually raped or should be raped. Why is that mentality among people? This little 8 year girl was not wearing short dresses. Then why she was raped and murdered?


The only solution about this problem is that educate as many as people you can about this crime which is intolerable nowadays. People who used to get hidden by doing so will not be hidden anymore.

clear your mentality for women. Your mother is also a women, Your sister is also a girl. As soon as some or evil feelings come in your mind for some girl or a women, think her as your mother or sister.

Show your lust with your partner. Your girlfriend, your wife. It will make your relationship stronger and Your sex life better.

At our end we can do this much and this is a problem which can be decreased to zero by us only. If every person will think like this, the problem will be no more.

And from the government side, there should be strict rules that should be followed. Strict actions should be taken against these criminal acts.

The KATHUA RAPE CASE made me realized how our society is lagging behind in sake of their thoughts and it made me write this article as well. I hope you liked what is written and your do a subscribe to our news letter.


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