5 Best Attar in India under 1000 | feels like costly perfumes

Best Attar in India under 1000

5 Best Attar in India under 1000 | feels like costly perfumes

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Does Smelling good Always costs you thousands of rupees? Or you can also smell good by just spending 150 to 1000 rupees? This is Best Attar in India under 1000 collection and this piece of content is exactly for you guys who don’t want to spend too much on the fragrance but still want to stand out in the crowd.

AttarsAttar PricelistBuy Here
Al Rihab Avenue ₹ 249Amazon.in
Almas White oud ₹200 Flipkart.com
Swiss Arabian Jannatul Firdaus Black ₹599 Flipkart.com
Nemat Jannatal Firdaus ₹ 320 Amazon.in
Ajmal Misk Rijali ₹ 200-300Amazon.in

Best Attar in India under 1000

Al Rehab Avenue

Best Attar in India under 1000

This is actually a perfume that almost resembles a very famous perfume Creed Aventus. And Al-Rehab avenue is the one which is the cheapest clone of this perfume.

So, if you want to feel Creed Aventus at a cheaper price, this should be exactly the one which you might be searching for.

And of course, If I talk about the season of this perfume, it is summer because creed Aventus also has summer as a suitable season.

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Almas White oud

The first look of this Attar is very elegant and attractive. It feels like something is special in this pretty brown bottle.

If I talk about the fragrance it is a perfume that suits gentlemen because it has a kind of serious smell. It has a fresh Soapy, fragrance, Smoky wooden fragrance that feels so incredible. You can wear it during monsoon specially and in winter as well.

This little bottle contains a sharp and smoky fragrance that lasts quite long. It also gives you a pinch of bitter patchouli smell that seems so soothing during this season. Now people generally get confused about its name, White Oudh.

It does not contain any musky, leathery fragrance that an Oudh contains. But it has a very different and unique smell that can actually take people’s hearts around you.

Also, if you like its fresh soapy fragrance, you can also wear it in summers.

Swiss Arabian Jannatul Firdaus Black

This is a Special in this list of “Best Attar in India under 1000”. You might have heard of Jannatul Firdaus, it is a very popular producer of Attar.

It has such pretty notes that make it the special one. The notes it includes are a combination of Tobacco, Osmanthus flower, and Sugar syrup.

This a compound which can actually give you a feel of very expensive perfumes and it is also known as “Shea-Oudh” in the Gulf.

Also, it is very cheap very long-lasting, and at the same time with such an amazing fragrance.

It is a kind of perfume or Fragrance which is quite a musculin and you can apply it while going to a wedding ceremony or a party. It can get you all attention.

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Nemat Jannatal Firdaus

Guys, if you are searching for a perfume that should suit best in summers, I can bet you there is no other fragrance that is so cheap and better than this at the same time.

It is one of the most popular Attars in the market and it is also popular in families people use it very much.

It has Khas, lots of soapy elements, and a combination of a floral, herbal, and smoky fragrance, that is perfect for summers.

The Soapy touch that it has gives you a refreshing and cooling feel that you will love during that hot environment.

It seems like you have just stepped out of the shower because of its soapy fragrance and gives you a feel of fresh rain and the wonderful smell of soil.

Ajmal Misk Rijali

If you want a perfume which should be noticeable to people and you could get compliments, but at the same time it doesn’t affect your pocket, this is the one you should go for.

This is basically the Standard musk fragrance and the fragrance for which people are mad. As it is a cheaper perfume, it has that synthetic representation of that clean, musky fragrance.

It gives a sweet musky odor as if you are out of the shower and that soapy and skinny smell of yours is left behind. But it is much beautified because it has a more floral and soothing smell that makes it included in the list of Best Attar in India under 1000.

So, Guys, this was all about Best Attar in India under 1000 And I hope you liked some of these. Now you can buy good fragrances that will not stress on your pocket whether you are a college-going student, an office goer, a guy who wants to smell good on hits date.


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