cardio exercises


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In today’s world, as we are observing, day by day everything is going automated and we have to put very little effort into even doing our daily routine works. We often feel lazy in doing those works also. By the time if things will go like this, our body will be able to do nothing and our lifespan will be decreased. But we can make some changes in our lazy lifestyle and can try to work more so that our upcoming generations will not be affected by automatic machines. Cardio exercises can be one of the best solutions to this problem.

Cardio exercises can be a great solution to those who don’t have much time to spend over the gym and performing heavy exercises.

To handle this upcoming disaster, we can take some steps and one of the best steps can be cardio exercises. These exercises are very beneficial not only for the body but also for mind relaxation. And they are also easy to do for anyone and show visible results within a week.

cardio exercises

What is the difference between Aerobic and Cardio exercises?

Cardio exercises are also known as aerobic exercises. They both are the same. But people often get confused in these two terms and think that these are two different terms but they aren’t.


Basically cardio means heart. And the exercises which make your heartbeat fast are known as cardio exercises. These include various exercises such as jumping, roping, cycling, burpees, etc. These have a lot of benefits which are going to be mentioned below. So guys now let us read about this thing.


Now here is one myth among people that some people think that cardio exercises are only for people suffering from heart problems. They also think that cardio exercises are not for bodybuilding men and are only for people who are quite aged. But let me clear one thing that cardio exercises are for everyone. Even for sporty children. You can perform it almost everywhere. At home, at school, at college, at the gym, at the park almost everywhere. And anyone can perform it.

so now let us talk about the benefits of Cardio exercises. So let us begin:


Well, guys, a body is nothing without stamina. For every person who is concerned about his body, he tries to increase his stamina and stay fitter. A fit body surely has good stamina and cardio exercises are one of the best ways to increase it. This requires at least half an hour daily to perform the cardio exercise and increase your stamina gradually within a week.

You will automatically feel after some days that the regular household works are not making you tired anymore if you do cardio exercises for a month.

Performing cardio is very beneficial for increasing stamina for children as well as parents or grandparents. Anyone can perform cardio and can achieve good and beneficial results within no time.


It is scientifically proven that people who do cardio exercises have a better quality of sleep as compared to those who don’t. The quality of sleep helps you stay active all day and also live your day to the fullest.

Better sleep means a better recovering of your body. This means there are fewer chances of getting ill. This not only makes you healthy but your body parts will also work well.


Your whole body depends on a small chamber called heart. The heart is the root of every process happening in our body. So its really very important to take care of your heart health. It is not only important to make your outer look good but is equally important to maintain your heart health. Person ignoring heart health can pay a huge loss in the future and it can be a problem in the future. And one of the best exercises for the heart are cardio exercises. As it is named after that.

Like our outer body, our heart is also a muscle called cardiac. So just like our whole outer body, our heart also needs exercising and we can exercise our heart by performing cardio exercising. There is no advantage of such a body that is healthy from the outside, but weaker from inside. so that is why a healthy heart can be maintained by doing cardio exercises daily and having a proper diet plan.


Yes, you read it right cardio helps you stay happy and live your life to the fullest. It is scientifically proven that people who perform cardio are more happy and relaxed than those who don’t. Because while performing cardio exercises, a hormone is released also called feel-good hormone.

this not only makes your day happy but also makes your entire life more joyful and interesting. So this is also a very good way to release your stress and make your self feel happy and relaxed.


Cardio is also healthy for people having cholesterol problems. It also decreases the risk of a heart attack. Basically what happens is it reduces the fat accumulating in arteries and veins. And makes easy for blood to flow properly in them. Hence it is very helpful for a person to stay focused on its productivity and forget about health issues.



People who don’t have time to join a gym or don’t have much time to spend in games can refer to some of these exercises which are easy to do and give more results in less time.


Running has always been one of the very effective exercises for fitness. Cardio includes running also. But running is a thing which requires lots of space right? No, running in a place can also be very effective because it requires effort too and increase the heartbeat and stretches the heart muscles.

Also, running improves stamina and stretches leg muscles and makes bones stronger at the same time. moreover, it also improves breathing capacity and makes the lungs stronger.

running at a place


Jumping jacks are one of my favorite exercises. This is because it is very interesting to do and is very enjoyable. I still remember our morning assembly in school was exiting because of jumping jacks only. And we used to enjoy it every time we used to do it. And today also when I do jumping jacks, it reminds me of the school assembly.

Jumping jacks make your blood circulation fast and increase your metabolism. It also stretches your arms and legs which makes yours throughout day very active.


They are also very effective exercises for a full-body stretching in very few minutes. Skaters are actually just moving your whole body and in addition, stretch your body at the same time.

It mainly concentrates on stretching hip muscles and leg muscles. Also shoulders and arms. This exercise provides extra strength to the body and your body will never feel stiffness if you do skaters daily in the morning.


This exercise is also very beneficial for our body as punches require lots of calories to burn. It also provides strength to our body and helps us to stay strong. You can try punches if you have a punching bag, or you can also just make punches in the air. Punches also increase your blood flow and make each and every part of the body move.

man doing punching


Last but not the least exercise you can perform is sidekicks. This exercise is basically for the lower body and has a very good impact on your lower body muscles. This provides you the extra stretchability and helps reduce your belly fat.

By performing sidekicks you are actually strengthening your hip muscles and cork muscles at the same time. It also targets thigh muscles and helps to get the shape.

So guys, If you perform cardio exercises daily in the morning for at least 30 minutes, your life will be more happy and enjoyable than ever before.

So perform cardio and stay fit.

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