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Hola, guys I’m back with another very interesting topic that is 5 BEST WAYS TO DEVELOP EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS . Now what happened in the morning was I was watching a video for ways to develop communication skills. It very useful so I thought to share the content and some of my experience on communication skills


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Effective communication skills helps you to connect to people well and connecting increases your influence in every situation.

Good communication helps in every relation of your life whether it is your family, your friends, your colleagues, your workplace and your love life.

You should not only be able to communicate with people and also should connect to people for a better and successful life.

It will give you an upper hand , advancement and extra skills as compared to others and people will be feeling more attractive towards you.

Also be physically active for making people talk to you well. People generally ignore those who are shy and inactive

The “HAIL” rule of better communication skills:

There is a well known “HAIL” rule for better communication. The rule is like this :

Honest: you should be honest while communicating to people because if people will find your statements false, they will not prefer to listen to you the next time. Speak only those things in which you are sure.

Authenticity: Just be you. Don’t try to be like someone or don’t try to be good. People can identify you in seconds and may find you fake. People usually hesitate to trust on these type of persons. And if you are unique and honest, people will find you interesting.

Integrate: You should be having a good nature. That is , you should know how to get mixed with people and enjoy in them. This also means that if you are a person who really gets mixed up with everyone, this will be a plus point added to your personality and people will fee safe talking to you.

Love: You should spread love through your words and your words should be always sweet either you are talking to your loved one or the one who doesn’t likes you or you don’t like him. People always perfer to talk to those people who are quite warm. And qiute gentle towards others. You should be a person like this.

Imagine what will be the situation when no one in this world uses bad words for each other , or they live in peace ? The world would be so different than we see it today. Our Earth would be Heaven. So let us try to make it one , by understanding the real meaning of communication.


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You will need to choose your words very precisely so that you use right word at right time. Try to make use of those selected words as soon as possible in your real life. Also try to make it a habit so that next time you get in some situation, You use that selected word instead of just randomly talking this is not good for a good communication strategy.


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Now when you are speaking infornt of someone, this speaking makes the listener to guess the type of personality you have. And you might not want him to get a negetive impression of yours. So you should be confident and clear so that he would get an impression as original you.

Be clear with your words so that listener will be thinking of what you said and miss the information you are giving through your talk.

Each and every word should be clear and don’t be too fast with your talk. This can irritate a listener and he may not find your talk interesting.


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Try to make your communication more interactive so that listeners don’t feel bored. You should be asking questions to your listeners so that they feel included and enjoy the conversation.

If you are speaking publicly, you can start your speaking by simply just asking “am l audible ?” Or “Is it audible at the last?” . This will not only ensure that you are audible to each of the person you are speaking with, but also attracts listener’s attention.


mind the gap

I have seen so many people whi just keep on speaking and speaking , which made me to add this point to the list. Actully, people are living in a misconception that guy who speaks english swiftly, is a well educated person.

Language is meant for communication, not for competition how fast a person can speak .


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Here I should tell you guys a real story about how I overcame from my weaknesses in communication with people.

When I was in class 9th, with my friends in the group , I used to notice a thing that when I used to speak, they used to cut my words and try to ignore the things which I used to deliver.

I used to feel very bad for myself and used to feel under confident. Where as in our group only, there was one of my friend he used to speak very less and everybody used to listen to him carefully.

gradually, I came to know that speaking unnecessarily is a big problem. People will get an image of yours in their mind that you speak anything and take you lightly.He should think well before you speak.

one should be very clear about what you are going to touch while you speak. whether it is one to one communication or a public speech.

And should be knowing each and every thing of your opinion. Don’t just say anything and then people will also not listen to you no matter how important things are you are trying to convey.


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