5 Best branded Analog Watches under 2000 rs online that match every dress up

5 Best branded Analog Watches under 2000 rs online that match every dress up

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In a busy scheduled life, managing time between health, fitness, family, and work has become a bit difficult. Watches for a while had been the best way to monitor and manage time in the state of work lord. So, today we have come up with the budget-friendly best analog watches under 2000 rs as we can not have just any random watch after all we all need to look trendy and smart too.

We take hours in deciding what to wear, which shoes to pair it up with but never emphasize other accessories. Being trendy has been a must now for all men if you want to impress girls as girls like men who go with the trends. and it sure everyone loves attention.

so without having many talks over this, let us begin with the list of 5 best-branded analog watches under 2000 rs:

Analog Watches under 2000

1. Timex-Grey Analogue and Digital Watch

watches under 2000 rs online

The top among the 5 best analog watches under 200rs is Timex-Grey Analogue and Digital Watch. 

Description: This stunning looking specialized watch’s solid 30mm round stainless steel dial with brown leather straps makes it look way too stylish for this range. It has got reset time with Multi-Function, LED Backlight, and its glow in the dark inlays feature is just appreciable as it becomes easy to use. with high durability, this watch is 50m water-resistant and what else we want if Timex gives a 1-year warranty.

Dial Color: black
Dial Glass Material:mineral
Case Material: stainless steel
Band Color: brown
Water Resistance:50 m
Warranty1 yr
Price: ₹ 4,145.00

2. TIMEX- Analog Black Dial 

watches under 2000 rs online

The Timex Analog black dial has got its name again in the list of 5 best analog watches under 2000rs.

Description: With all men’s favorite blackish dark color this watch looks exactly like the demand of every man. The white color of the hands works exactly like a strawberry on a cake. The mentioned Timex watch comes with a round 45mm classic black dial having textured brown cloured leather straps and weighs 68gms making it light and look stylish on your wrist. It has a date-day calendar type and has got a 1-year warranty.

Dial Color:  black
Dial Glass Material: Mineral
Band Material: Leather
Band Color: Brown
Water Resistance: 30 meters
Warranty: 1 year
Features: linear calendar
Price: ₹ 2,045.00

3. FASTRACK- Casual Analog Blue Dial

watches under 2000 rs online

the next one in the list is Fastrack Casual analog blue dial men’s watch. This brand has been widely trusted not only in India but also worldwide.

Description: A unique blue colored Fastrack casual plays well in the race of trend and style. Its round shape 5.2cm brass case is ergonomic in size. Having such a big dial helps this in fitting the wrist comfortably without making it look big and bulky. Also, this has a strong and durable leather strap giving it a phenomenal look. This awesome watch is 50m water-resistant.

Dial Color:  Blue
Dial Glass Material: mineral
Band Material: leather
Band Color: brown
Water Resistance: 50 meters
Features: 1 Year Manufacturing Warranty and 6 Months Battery Warranty
Price: ₹2,155.00

4. FASTRACK- Trendies Analog Watch

watches under 2000 rs online

Fastrack has never let the customers be at the back when it comes to watches. So, our next feature in the analog watches under 2000 rs is Fastrack- Trendies analog watch.

Description: Having a stylish and sporty watch must be in the mind of every sports lover and this is all he would need. A slight play of yellow over the black bulky body makes it look exceptional than an ordinary watch. This trendies analog watch is best for you if you are thinking to go casual or sporty.

The watch comes with the black colored silicone strap with clear plastic case material with 50mm black dial giving it a sporty look having a 100m water resistance quality. Most importantly, it has got a 2-year warranty.

Dial Color:   Black
Dial Glass Material: plastic
Band Material: Silicone strap
Band Color: Black
Water Resistance: 100 meters
Warranty:2 Year Manufacturing Warranty
Price: ₹ 2195.00

5. TITAN- Analog Black

watches under 2000 rs online

last but another best in the category of analog watches under 2000 is classy looking Titan- Analog black watch. Titan has been a trusted brand for years and has never disappointed with the trends.

Description: Titan analog black watch looks to be very simple yet you can not resist your eyes off from its elegance. This stylish watch comes up with a brown leather strap having a 47.7mm black dial that is completely suitable for casual as well as formal looks. This brass cased analog watch is 50m water-resistant. It has a warranty for 2yrs

Dial Color: Black
Dial Glass Material: Brass
Band Material: leather
Band Color: Brown
Water Resistance:30 meters
Warranty:2yrs manufacturing warranty
Price: ₹ 1995,.00

These were all the 5 best analog watches under 2000 rs that goes with every look and can be worn casually and formally depending upon the occasion. so, go and have your watch now and be trendy with this little change.


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