4 NIRBHAYA RAPE CONVICTS hanged in Tihar|A remarkable lesson to all men

nirbhaya rape convits hanged

4 NIRBHAYA RAPE CONVICTS hanged in Tihar|A remarkable lesson to all men

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Today, when the whole world is frightened because of the dangerous coronavirus outbreak, a piece of great news has recently come up for all Indians and humanity lovers. The Nirbhaya rape convicts were hanged after 7 years.

Four men named Akshay Thakur, Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, and Vinay Sharma have been executed for the gang rape and then the murder of a 23-year old physiotherapy student on a New Delhi bus in December 2012. This case becomes the case for the whole of the country because every person came forward to support humanity.

what has happened that day?

nirbhaya rape convicts hanged
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A physiotherapy student on 16 December 2012 was boarded an off-duty bus with her male friend at around 8:30 pm. After watching a movie at a mall in  Munirka, near to South Delhi, they were coming back. They took a bus where six people already were present along with the driver. Six men named Ram Singh ( driver), Mukesh Singh (driver’s brother), Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta, and a Juvenile defendant.

The girl was brutally assaulted with an iron rod, beaten, gang-raped and tortured in that private bus. her friend was beaten by the six. Because of the critical condition of the victim, she was transferred to Singapore for expert treatment. This incident took a hipe in the nation as well as internationally. people took up the charge and came forward on the roads protesting against the convicts and demanding justice.

But all lifted with grief when she died. the victim named ‘Jyoti Singh’ become famous widely known as Nirbhaya, meaning “fearless“, and her struggle all around the world became a symbol of women’s resistance to rape. She became a role model for every girl

The arrest of Nirbhaya rape convicts:

In the conviction of Rape, murder, kidnapping, robbery, assault all the six convicts were arrested. The Delhi police were successful in finding rapists and in arresting them in just 24hrs of the crime using the CCTV coverage. The bus was identified and the driver, Ram Singh was traced. the stolen mobile phone of the victim became another way of finding the convicts. the male victim helped the police in identifying the rest by assisting the sketches of them.

source: google

All got arrested from different regions of India. The driver, Ram Singh along with his brother from Rajasthan, Vinay Sharma from UP, Pawan Gupta from Bihar, Akshay Thakur from Aurangabad, Bihar and a seventeen-year-old juvenile from Badayun, Bihar.

During the investigation, they committed to have a party that morning. but the juvenile boy was traveling on the bus to Nehru Place.

Trial and sentence of Nirbhaya rape Convicts:

After a number of trials, all of them were found guilty of rape, murder, kidnapping, robbery, assault. The court gave the death sentence to four Nirbhaya rape convicts because one of them died during the custody. while the Juvenile convict served the maximum imprisonment of three years under Juvenile Justice laws applicable when the crime was committed. The juvenile was released on 20 December 2015.


The other four keep on appealing for pleading to different courts. Even on the 2nd death anniversary of the victim, her father came forward saying that her daughter is still unable to get justice. Her mother time to time came forward appealing the government for justice to her daughter. But the good news came forward in March 2020 in which the supreme court rejects the appeal of the rapist and sentenced them to death.

Exactly at 5:30 in the morning on Friday, 20 March 2020, the 4 convicts were hanged in Tihar jail, Delhi giving the victim complete justice. The convicts’ dead bodies were handed over to the families after post-mortem.

After this case, various laws were made in the vision of tightening the security of women in the country but the question that arises is: Has these crimes lowered down in the country, has the status of women changed, and most importantly, is women safe now? have thought over these questions and step forward to be the change.


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